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I just don't understand

If I read about one more baby left in a car....this is just unfathomable to me and beyond devastating. We have one job above all else, to protect our children. Something needs to change.
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Re: I just don't understand

  • I agree. Makes me sick everytime I hear it.
  • I totally don't get it. Locking one's keys in the car, yeah OK, but forgetting a dear child???


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  • I don't get it either.  I think a couple weeks ago we had 6 cases here.  Its insanse.  I stopped watching the news for a bit so I didn't have to hear the stories.

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    I read an article recently with personal stories of it happening and it is just gut-wrenching to read the personal accounts.  No one thinks it would happen to them.  It almost always involved a change in routine.  My LO isn't in day care yet, but my husband and I have discussed ideas to help safe-guard against the possibility (leaving laptop bag or purse in back seat, making arrangements with day care to call us if baby hasn't arrived by a certain time, etc.).   Also, I don't anticipate our LO will go with his grandparents too often, but since they are older and even less accustomed to having him around, we'll be sure to call and check-in often.

    Here is the article if anyone is interested.

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  • I am terrified of it happening to me. Luckily, my in laws watch our kids, and if we are 10 minutes late, they are texting to find out where we are. I can so easily see how you could go on autopilot and just forget. If DH drops off the kids (not our normal routine), he has to text me "Package safely delivered" when the kids are in the house with his mom and dad.
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