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Random Drug Question

Does anyone know the proper way to dispose of expired medication? I cleaned out our medicine cabinet and have a bunch of stuff to throw away, but assume I prob shouldn't just put it in the trash. If it matters, it's mostly cold medication and the like.
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Re: Random Drug Question

  • SarahF20SarahF20
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    I work in healthcare and some facilities use kitty litter. Put it in a sealable container, dump your meds in, close the lid, shake it, throw it away.


    ETA link to FDA recommendations on disposing of medications.

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  • Thank you all, especially for the link!
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  • I've always flushed them down the toilet... Lol. It's what my mom told me to do
  • FFSC-- I am a nurse and always just threw it in the trash. oops.

    Yeah me too. Never even heard of doing anything else.
  • Ditto what PPs said about not flushing and using kitty litter. You can also use used coffee grounds.

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