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Sunday Funday Anyone?

Since it's officially Sunday and I'm up waiting for LO to sink into a deep sleep, I thought I start a Sunday Funday thread. Post something fun that's happened to you recently! More pics the better! We love baby pics!!

Babybear eating solids for the first time. He loved it!!
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Re: Sunday Funday Anyone?

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    Unfortunately MH's uncle passed away suddenly one week ago today. I think the only good thing about funerals though, is that families are able to get back together and see each other again. So MH's cousin came in from New York with his partner and they got to meet Aubrey for the first time, and then we went to his aunts house to have dinner with them all last night. It was good to catch up and spend time, and for them to get to know Aubrey!
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  • We are wedding dress shopping for my best friend, Brylee's "auntie," Jami. Bry is the flower girl and I'm the matron of honor so she matches mommy today! She has her flower girl onsie on today.

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  • My husband played with LO this morning so I was able to sleep in until 9!!! Then we went to Barnes and Noble where I used my teachers badge to get 20% off new books for LO. This afternoon she discovered her toes on a walk. :)

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  • I went to a baby shower and had a bunch of the ladies over here first since there was no alcohol served at the party. Mimosas for everyone!!! It made it MUCH more enjoyable. 

    Mimosas sound so good!

  • Mine is not baby related, but DH and I went to a wedding last night. It was a great time and fun to get dressed up for some adult time! My sister stayed with LO so we were able to really relax and enjoy time together.
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  • Happy birthday @addisonsmom22! Today is MH's birthday and we left J with some friends of ours and saw a movie. It was his first time being babysat by people who weren't his grandparents and he was great for them! Well, that's what they told us anyway and I choose to believe it.

    @twaffle5 You win TB. Your new name is brilliant.
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