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Revealing baby name?

Hi ladies! How many of you revealed the name of your baby right away? How many of you waited? We aren't due until December and our parents are already dying to find out the name. It's the first grandchild on both sides for our parents and the first girl for my husband's family in years. We mainly wanted to keep it a secret until December because I'm not willing to listen to advice about our child's name or what we should've gone with, etc. My family is known to give their two cents whether you want to hear it or not. It's hard not spilling it to my mother tho.....she wants to know so bad. Suggestions?!
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Re: Revealing baby name?

  • I will probably share my names once we pick them. I am not going to pay attention to comments. I know what I like and that's enough for me.
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  • Totally personal decision. You don't owe anyone to reveal anything. Can't you just say you haven't decided yet? I mean it's July. LOOOOOOTS of time till December to officially decide.
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  • We told the name as soon as we found out what we were having with #1. And I didn't really give two shits what anyone thought or said. She's 3 and I still get questioned. It doesn't matter if you say it now or wait until the birth. If people have an opinion they will give their two cents whether the child is here or not.
  • Based on what you've posted, you might want to practice shutting your family down when they offer unwanted opinions regarding your child.  Telling them the name and sticking to your guns about the choice is a good way to start.  Your child, your choice.  GL.
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  • We shared our daughter's name once we knew she was a girl and after it had been decided for sure. We'll probably do the same this time. We were lucky to not get any negative feedback or suggestions from anyone. Not sure if that's because we presented it as, "Her name IS..." or if our families are just cool like that. 
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  • We didn't give a crap what anyone thought, we told the boy/girl options as soon as we told we were pregnant. 4 years later my grandma still asks if we have decided to call our son something other than his name. Who cares! She got to name all 6 of her kids, these are mine!
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  • We're not sharing our baby's name until she's here. Not interested in people's opinions or comments, especially since we've already had a few people make suggestions and throw their own names into the hat as a contender.
  • We waited til LO was born 
    Since everyone already knew what we were having we wanted some element of surprise for our family and friends still. 

    We will do the same with this one. 


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  • mc0113mc0113 member
    We're Team Green but will tell anyone that asks our top name choices. If they don't ask , we don't go out of our way to tell them.
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  • We are team green and will be keeping our name choices to ourselves until the birth.
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    We told our family and friends who asked because A) we were confident in our choices and B) none of the people we told are the type to give us unsolicited opinions. We did not announce on Facebook or to the masses until they were born and we were announcing their births because there are people on social media who would give unsolicited opinions and I didn't want to hear from some random person I went to hs with that they didn't like our choice.
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  • We don't think we'll reveal the name beforehand because we aren't really interested in a bunch of commentary and remarks like, "Oh! I knew a ### in high school, and she was super mean!" Also don't want to share, because we may change our minds.  What if something big happens in the world or pop culture with someone by that name, and it completely turns us off? Don't want to feel committed.
  • Yeaaah kinda regretting my choice to tell people the names we're considering. Now EVERYONE is suggesting the middle name and/or different first names. Ay. I know they all mean well but this is our choice!
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  • gitmogitmo member
    My husband and I aren't revealing the name until our baby boy is here. So far only my mother in law is begging us for the name, but we know if we tell her it'll spread like wildfire. It kinda makes it more exciting and intimate keeping a secret between us.
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  • mb314mb314 member
    With DS, we didn't tell anyone the name until after birth.  It drove my mother crazy.  She was convinced my sister knew and we were telling people besides her.  But we told no one.  I really liked it that way.  We didn't get any comments ahead of time, good or bad, and since we knew it was already going to be a boy, there was a "surprise" for people in terms of what his name would be. 

    If we can ever come up with a name this time around, we will wait again to tell people. 
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  • We aren't telling any of the names we like.  AND we know the sex and aren't telling because we are evil, horrible people.




  • We revealed our top 5 contenders to people.  Our parents knew which one was the very top contender for DD.  Our names were all very traditional so I didn't experience any negative feedback. 

    If negative feedback is going to upset you, I'd say don't announce at all.

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  • Up to you. We shared right away, and I just told everyone to go to hell who didn’t like it. My babies name is Roarik Night, so  people didn’t like that. This baby is Rogue Elena, and people don’t like that either. I don’t care.

  • We are team green as well, we also have both names picked out for each sex. However we are not sharing the names with others yet. Our LO isn't due until September. We wanted the whole experience to be a surprise. My DH and I are also private people and we have only had a few people ask, when we tell them it will be reveled when the baby is born. Everyone accepts that and we haven't had anyone try to pressure us. They also know we wouldn't cave, or allow others to try and pressure us.
  • Agree that it's a personal choice. DH and I revealed our son's first name at our gender reveal party 3 nights ago and have had nothing but love, support and excitement from everyone! We were just too impatient to wait to tell everyone and had already had a name picked out for a boy long before we actually knew he was a he.
  • We keep our names secret.  I don't like hearing people say they don't like the name and I feel they don't do that if you introduce your child to them.  Just my personal opinion!


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  • As PP's have said, totally a personal choice.  Of course waiting until LO is born to reveal the name doesn't gaurantee a good response either.  When I was born my parents call my grandmother (dad's mom) to tell her my name, she actually hung up on them after hearing it.  She did eventually call back to appologize.

    It's not like my name is uncommon either (Rebecca) but you do never know how people will react.  At least my whole family laughs about it now, that includes my grandmother.


  • It really depends.

    I've never kept it from my family, and never needed to with my XIL's. They could be quirky at times, but I never felt they were going to criticize our name choices. With my current IL's, almost everyone is respectful and polite but FIL. I don't think he means to be an outspoken offensive jerk, but he is. Rather than tell everyone and say "Don't tell FIL because neither DH or I want to hear his unsolicited opinion," it's easier to say we will share it when baby is born.

    Really, we chose both male and female names before our wedding, but it's easier to say we are still kicking around possibles.

    DH told his parents flat out this time once we shared it's a boy that we wouldn't share the name until he's born. FIL took it surprisingly well. YMMV and you definitely know your family best.
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