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first trimester workout HELP!!!

so two months ago I was doing workout challenges and training for 5 runs I have coming up for the year. About two weeks ago i found out i was expecting baby #3. of course my morning sickness and fatigue kicked in and I can bearly function. I ran my whole pregnancy with my second. I really just want to get back to running. i am worried i will feel worse after especially since i cant keep much in my stomach. does anyone have an suggestions? did anyone just push through and do it? did you feel better after? can i eat anything to make me have more energy and calm my morning sickness prior or after the run?
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Re: first trimester workout HELP!!!

  • When is your morning sickness the worst? I found that running actually helped ease the nausea. I was ok eating bland things like plain oatmeal mixed with fresh berries before a run. Congrats, and good luck!

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  • I just make sure that I eat immediately after getting up. Any time I wait to eat, I feel awful. I also work out in the morning whenever I can, that helps me get in the exercise before I feel too tired. I feel better on the days I exercise. Push through you can do it!
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