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What Would You Buy Differently

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Recently I've been going through baby stuff deciding what we will get rid of and what will be saved for future babies. It got me wondering what you would have bought differently now that you've btdt.

For stms, I guess this mostly applies to your first baby.
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Re: What Would You Buy Differently

  • For me, it's the diapers. We do cloth and I wish I would have bought prefolds and flats instead of aios. That's what we use now and we probably would have saved $100-$200.

    Hell, I just found out how to use a receiving blanket as a diaper. Imagine the savings!!!
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    Patrick: born at home on January 14, 2014

  • Nothing. When DD was born we only a bought a few new things. Most of her clothes were purchased from garage sales. My mom bought the crib, my grandpa bought the stroller and carseat, dresser/changing table was mine when I was a baby so we really only purchased a few things. I liked everything we bought and everything that had been given to us.
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  • I am happy with what we have. Nothing was not used. We didn't buy anything extravagant.

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    We are very fortunate to have family and friends who gifted us with a lot of new things as well as hand me downs. So we didn't have to buy a ton of stuff. So overall I'm happy with what we have. I also would have done cloth diapering right from newborn now that I know what I know but we haven't spent a huge amount on cloth and were gifted most of our newborn disposables. I also bought a couple of halo sleep sacks that might not get much use because of sizing and seasons so I would have some that a bit differently but that wasn't a huge expense.

  • Id be open to cloth diapering. However, I'd want someone to sit down and teach me.
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  • We bought most gear second hand, so I don't feel like anything has been a waste, but there are some things I might would have bought differently if money were no object.

    I wish I had discovered AI2 diapers like Best Bottoms before I bought all pockets, but we got most at Thanksgiving sales, so didn't spend too much.

    I would have gotten a highchair w/ 5 point harness so I didn't have to stuff blankets around him to keep him from leaning.

    The Moby was a bust for us, but the Ergo is a hit.

    Sleep sheep didn't work out for us. It stops after 20 minutes, which is about the time he stirs as he goes into deeper sleep. We ended up buying a white noise machine that plugs in and runs all night.

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  • @blue_elle‌ you reminded me! I'd buy a better high chairman. this was given to me, but it is a super cheap one. Will I buy a new one next time?, no, probably not.
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  • I would not have purchased a swing; DS hated it.

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  • We got a lot of big items free from a friend getting rid of hers. (swing, bouncy seat, exersaucer, etc...) DD never liked the swing much so I'm glad we didn't spend money on it.  Other than that there isn't really anything we bought that I haven't found useful.
  • We didn't just randomly buy or spend too extravagantly (because we can't) but I wish I had purchased a car seat and a jogging stroller for it. I hate the travel system we have. It wasn't cheap and I did think about it for awhile but now that I have used it there are things I have seen on other strollers that are more useful. I didn't buy a changing table (it was given to us) but we hardly ever use it. We have a day bed in his room and it's just easier to change him there. I shouldn't have purchased so many newborn clothes. He was a big guy and grew out of those in just a few weeks. He wore all of his newborn onesies about three times each. I wish I didn't buy so many dr browns bottles without conferring with the baby first. He hates them with a passion.
  • We also got lucky, and had a lot handed down to us. I love our stroller, but I wouldn't mind one that expands to fit 2 kids. I also would look more closely at carriers (namely the Becco v. the Ergo).

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  • We didn't buy a lot until we knew we would need it. Our swing we purchased after our first clearly loved to swing and even though it didn't get used much this baby, it has been used well for 2 babies prior. I have honestly used everything we have a lot so I wouldn't buy anything differently.

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  • We got quite a few hand me downs, so I can't complain. I think I would have bought an Ergo.

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  • Swing that could be plugged in rather than needing batteries.
  • The jogging stroller. That thing took up my whole trunk. And who am I kidding...I don't jog unless it's on a treadmill, in the AC ;)

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  • I would have gotten the city select the first time around rather than have three strollers. I used my $30 umbrella stroller so much more than my extremely heavy jeep jogger. The city select is very practical for our family. I used everything else. Good thing I got the bumbo for free bc my kids weren't fans of that.

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  • I didn't buy anything for DS...I even knitted his baby blanket. Next time I plan on actually buying shit to help me, instead of being told that none of it is necessary and I should be able to do it on my own. Next time = RNP and swaddle sacks for sure. On the 31st will be my 6 month anniversary of not being able to sleep more than 4 hours at a time. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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  • I gave away most of my stuff from when I had DS but fortunately my SIL is very generous and loaned me all hers this time. I barely used the mamaroo and am glad I didn't buy a swing myself. I regret getting the Ergo MIL bought me and wish I had done more research and got the 360.
  • I wouldn't have wasted my time with the sleep sheep, and would have gone straight to white noise apps on the iPad. Wouldn't have bought baby jeans...I know I was warned like a year ago on here, but did I listen? No. Has he worn them? Absolutely not. Too much of a hassle.
  • sleep sheep. grrr I still can't believe i clicked that thing back on every 45 minutes for nearly 2 months. guess i was too tired to even see how dumb that was.

    and i reaaly really wish the yoga ball never entered our home. breaks my back to do it all the time. I wish H liked t be rocked in the expensive glider i bought instead but she prefers the bounce. 

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  • I wish we didn't spend so much money on CD's to only not want to use them.

    I would have gotten a RnP for sure. I wish we had left the jumperroo (until probably a month ago) and PnP in the box.. Honestly after trying to use the PnP on vacation and JJ hating it, we could probably have done without that too.

    90% of everything we have for him are handme downs and bought at consignment shops so we have very few regrets.

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  • I would've bought a baby bjorn. We have an infantino and DS hates it but we tried our friends baby bjorn and he loved it
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  • The crib bedding wasn't a necessity as the quilt will never get used. Next time around I would just purchase a crib sheet and crib skirt. that would be way cheaper than the bedding set I HAD to have. I ordered in to Walmart and picked it up across the border.
    (I really wanted the Lion King bedding, Walmart is Canada is Winnie the Pooh everywhere so I had to order it.. we were going for a holiday anyway!)

    I had too many 0-3 month onesies. I went a little overboard with excitement and should have bought a variety is sizes so they lasted.

  • The only real regret was the Snuza. We couldn't get it to stay clipped on her diaper so it would slide off and the alarm would sound. We didn't start using it until she moved into her own room at 2 months and then only used it for 2-3 weeks because it kept waking us up for no reason. I would get the angel care if I had to do it again but probably won't get anything if we have a second baby.

    I knew the bedding set was unnecessary when I bought it but my husband really liked the set I picked out and talked me into buying it. I planned to hang the quilt on the wall for decoration but still haven't gotten around to it.
  • With DD I had regrets such as the full crib bedding as I never used the comforter so this time around I order the parts I wanted individually.

    Also, someone gave us a bumbo for DD and she never really liked it and DS was too chunky for it by the time he could use it so I sold it.

    DD loved the swing but we didn't have a bouncy chair until later at which point she loved it. DS did not like the swing and prefered the bouncy chair so we sold the swing too... it also takes up just way too much room.

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  • I bought one of those "space saver" high chairs that attach to your chair. I think it seems so much more uncomfortable than a real high chair and it really didn't save space.
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  • I would have purchased a swing. I kept thinking "my leave is only 8 weeks! I can do this!" and then she got to daycare and loved the swing. I will be buying a swing next time. Either that or a MamaRoo. I used to think they were overpriced. As it turns out, you can't put a price on your sanity.

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  • I have a few:  

    We are bed sharing and it works really well for us, so looking back, it probably would have made more sense to skip a crib all together.  I don't know if DS will ever sleep in his super nice crib, and will probably end up going straight to a twin bed.

    Agree with the crappy sleep sheep (I have the giraffe, but same thing). It always turns off JUST as I get DS settled down.  

    I also would have done cloth diapering from the beginning. I just switched over and can't believe how easy it is. 

    And I would have bought a glider.  DS's nursery is really small, and I hate the way glider's look, so I skipped it.  But now that I am trying to get DS to nap in his crib, he is too heavy to stand up and hold for as long as I would need to in order to get him down, and he wakes up the minute his head hits his mattress. I realize this contradicts my first point, but since I have the crib, now I need to find a glider I like and buy one!
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  • Baby k'tan. I regret buying it. What was I thinking for wanting a carrier in this 80 degree, 100% humidity place.
    I really wish we bought the mamaroo. My mil bought a swing from a garage sale and it stopped working 3 months into it.
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  • I'm mostly happy with what I bought. I got things as we went along and I felt a need for them, so I don't feel like anything I got wasn't used. I just would have bought different versions of a few things:

    -plug in swing instead of battery powered
    -jolly jumper with a stand instead of one that hooks on door frame
    -maybe a different high chair - I like ours so far and I like that it has an option for a booster seat and toddler seat, but it's so damn big and doesn't fold up. Still undecided about it

    And if I was rich I would have bought a BOB stroller, but I'm happy with our more reasonably priced Graco (especially because I'm not a big hiker or jogger or anything so it's not like we need a fancy stroller)
  • We have never used our big stroller, only the umbrella stroller. Much easier & convienant.
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