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Baby Shower Invitations-left off host name, used maiden names by accident and RSVP date wrong

My sister sent out the invitations for my shower with three big errors-left off my best friend as a hostess, got two of the other hostesses names wrong and wrong date for RSVP. Sent out the invitations and now we're sending a corrected invitation to everyone with an insert. I'm thinking the insert should be light and maybe say "Oops! Please disregard the first invitation. My assistant was on vacation." Or "Oops! We left off some very important information. Please disregard the first invitation." Which sounds better or any other ideas as to what the insert should say? Thanks!

Re: Baby Shower Invitations-left off host name, used maiden names by accident and RSVP date wrong

  • Yeah don't say anything about an assistant.  
  • Ditto PPs
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    I don't know that the name issue really needs new invitations. If the left off person is upset, sure. But the guests really won't care. What's the issue w the RSVP date?
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  • I don't think any of that warrants a new invite being sent out. How far off is the rsvp date? A lot of people don't RSVP anyway (which is super annoying!).
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  • Agree with everyone who says the second one sounds way better. If you're trying to be funny, it would be better to be self-deprecating and blame it on yourself, "Oops! Pregnancy brain! Please disregard the first invitation; we flubbed some of the details."
  • ^No, don't do that--the MTB shouldn't be writing the invite!  Anyway, I thought the assistant one was fine, but the second is clearly safer.
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  • Definitely the second
  • If it is just the names, you could always have a hostess make an announcement at the shower saying there was an error on the invitations. With the RSVP, I think it depends on where the shower will be.  If it is in a home, the date shouldn't be too much of an issue.  Otherwise, you could wait and when you are coming up on the actual RSVP date and only have a few that didn't respond, you could give them a call or shoot them an e-mail or text asking politely explaining the date mix up.
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