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telling the family..

I don't know everyone's opinions on teen pregnancy.. but typically it is frowned upon. I am seventeen and terrified to tell my family. I am only about 4 or 5 weeks along. I already have an enormous amount of love for this baby and so does the father so we will definitely be keeping the baby.. my parents have never been judgemental and my mom had me when she was my age.. in fact my due date (according to plan parenthood) is my 18th birthday so I am the exact age my mom was.. I just really need advice on telling everyone.. please no negetive comments. This is stressful enough.

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  • Best of luck, I don't have experience in this but I'd say that try to remember that even those who are negative now probably love you and will find your baby irresistible.
  • Btw, I think you're in the wrong forum, try first trimester or your birth month.
  • Just focus on the positive and make sure they understand what you said here, that you both love this baby already. Also, if there is a "plan" in place regarding jobs, living situation, etc. aka anything you think would help soften the blow, I would tell them! I know women who were young mommas who are the most amazing parents. Congrats. :)
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  • Tell your family. It is important. You will need their support. Wishing you and your little one the best. ;)
  • I was 17 when i got pregnant im 18 now and im almost 20weeks. For me telling my mom was much easier she was mad at first but she understood i couldnt go through a abortion.. so i think telling your mom first would be better after that you and your mom can tell your family. Best of luck through your pregnacy :)
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