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Weight Gain at 19 weeks.

I hate to be this person but I feel so awful that I thought it might help to see if fellow preggers feel the same. I have struggled with weight my whole life. In high school I got up to 215lbs. I lost close to 70lbs at the age of 21 and have always fluctuated 10lbs back and forth since then. Needless to say, weight gain was a huge concern with my getting pregnant. I had planned to even try to get in better shape before getting pregnant, but my husband and I almost instantly conceived so I didn't have the chance to drop any weight (I swear I'm not complaining. I know that we are blessed to have conceived so quickly). 

At 12 weeks my doctor was tickled I had only gained 1lb while in my first trimester. I was feeling good! However, at my 16 week checkup I had gained 8lbs in a month! My doctor wasn't concerned, but told me to make sure I'm watching my weight gain from here on out. She also mentioned she'd like to see me maintain my weight until my next appointment at 20 weeks. Well, I weighed myself today and I've gained another 3lbs! I've now gained 12lbs in a month and a half. I feel terrible. I know weight gain is expected, but 12lbs before the half way point seems like a lot. Especially when I was advised to only gain 20-25lbs total! 

I'm terrified to gain a ton of weight. I know it is not healthy for me or my baby. I realize that it's inevitable but am I out of control already? I don't always eat the best, but I do not binge eat or eat more than I normally would. I exercise often as well. Not hardcore workouts, but walking, yoga, etc.

Am I worried over nothing? I feel like I'm going crazy!

Re: Weight Gain at 19 weeks.

  • I know your pain...sort of...I'm up about 6 lbs at 15 weeks (I lost in my first trip thanks mostly to how sick I was) but I started this pregnancy at 200lbs. I've got about another 10lbs and that is all they want me to put on. I'm terrified!

    At the end of the day everyone gains weight at different points in their pregnancy and while the ranges they give are a good guideline my OB is a firm believer that everyone is different and if you are a little out of the ideal range so what?

    I'm trying to not concentrate on the scale and instead focus on eating well. It helped me loose almost 40lbs just before getting pregnant so I'm trying to keep that focus on maintaining my weight while pregnant


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    I wouldnt worry. I have already gained 20, yes 20lbs. But the last few weeks only gained 2lbs. I am healthy and I don't think I really look like I gained 20lbs. I went off of the atkins diet when i got pregnant so I think the carbs are the things really hurting me. Sounds like you were at a pretty healthy weight so I wouldn't worry. We all gain weight differently. 


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  • My situation is a little different but I wanted to say that your body will gain what it needs to. Last time I gained 65lbs total, yes it sucked to then have to lose it. I are healthy and worked out until 38 weeks and it just didn't matter the weight just piled on. I don't eat a lot when I'm not pregnant but when I am I am hungry! I am 19 weeks today and up 18lbs, 8lbs in the last month. I still wish I didn't gain so fast but I think I'm doing better than last time. I'm sure it has something to do with chasing a 4 year old around. So as long as you and baby are healthy I say don't stress too much about the weight.
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  • I stress about my weight constantly, I' lost 40 lbs last year, I'm 16 weeks and have gained 13 pounds. I will admit I was extremely sedentary my first Tri, I'm hoping that the temps stop hitting the 100's everyday so I can go for a walk after work. Maybe that will slow down the weight gain.
  • Thanks ladies! I'm trying my best to not let it get to me, but I do not want to end up being one of those women who put on a ton of excess weight and regret it. I've seen so many women do this, and it nearly kills them to take the weight off! 
  • I don't think it was realistic of your doc to ask you to not gain any weight in one month, or healthy. As long as you're eating healthfully there isn't much you can do about it.


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    Ugh, it is unrealistic for the doctor to tell you not to gain any weight before the next appointment.  So much of weight gain during pregnancy is blood, fluids, and other necessary additions to your body in order to support your baby.    It seems like you were a healthy weight or close to a healthy weight before getting pregnant, so your doctor's obsession with your weight is really uncalled for.  If you didn't gain much in the first trimester, your body is going to catch up in the second trimester.  You're going to have growth spurts, which is what seems like what is happening. 

    I would look at what you have gained overall in the 18-20 weeks.  12 pounds seems reasonable for 20 weeks.  If you gain a pound a week from here on out, that would put you at about 32 lbs overall, and that is not ridiculous (even if they told you to gain 25 max, 32 isn't bad). 

    Just make sure you're eating healthy and getting exercise in, and don't stress too much about your weight.  You've been able to lose 70 pounds before - you can lose the pregnancy weight again if you put your mind to it.  And now is not the time to worry about it.
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  • Your body may have been making up for the start. Also, when did you weigh? in the morning before you ate, becuase if not that can change your weight a lot. also, its summer, and water weight is common
  • Just wanted to reassure you that you aren't the only one obsessing about the weight gain. This is my third pregnancy, and I've gained 40lbs total in both of my past two pregnancies, which is within the average. The difference this time is that I started out fifty pounds overweight!! So, I really can't afford that extra 40 lbs. My goal, like you, is to gain no more than 25 lbs this time. So far, I'm at 22 wks and have gained ten. Now that I'm in the second trimester, its a lot easier to be active. I'm struggling to stay on a healthy diet. I know its not logical to reward myself for working out with a shake from sonic, but they have 52 flavors...lol.
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    I've also struggled with my weight and with my first pregnancy, I gained 50lbs. Seeing the scale go over 200 and then some was really uncomfortable for me emotionally, even though I knew that it was OK. There is a lot of body-shaming that we pick up just by existing in our society. 

    But you know what? I had a healthy baby and the weight practically melted off of me after my daughter was born (I breastfed which probably helped a lot). I wasn't eating a bunch of crap - my body just needed that extra cushion. 

    So far with this pregnancy, I'm 21 weeks tomorrow and have gained 21 lbs as of this morning. Which is just about exactly where I was this time last pregnancy - I averaged a pound a week the entire pregnancy until the last 3 or so weeks, but I'm pretty sure that was all water weight. I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing those big numbers on the scale again soon, but I have faith that I'll get back down to a healthier weight for me again. And, if that healthy weight is higher than it was before - that is OK. My body changed with my first pregnancy and stayed changed - I got stretch marks and my boobs went up 3 cup sizes, most notably. I am curious to see how my body change with this pregnancy. 
  • I know what you mean.  With this one, I am 15 weeks and have gained 7.5 lbs.  I'm actually very happy about that.  With my first, I gained a total of 70.  With my second, I gained 40.  With my third...which we lost at 20 weeks, I had gained 30 lbs in 20 weeks.  Talk about WAY too much.  With this one, I vowed to do much better so I'm happy with the 7.5.  If you are watching what you are eating and exercising (if ok by doctor) then there isn't much you can do.  I'm pretty much on bed rest for the next 5 months so I REALLY have to watch what I eat since I can't walk or exercise.  Talk to your doctor the next time and see what she thinks about a controlled diet or ideas for working out..yoga?? (pregnancy yoga)...good luck but don't worry yourself too much.
    It's not that easy to do when a) you start out overweight, and b) your trusted medical professionals are telling you that the 1lb per week you've gained so far is too much too soon.  

    I've been told, at my last two appointments, by different OBs (it's a big practice, and I see them all), that I should consider 2nd phase South Beach Diet.  As of this morning, at almost 19 weeks, I've gained 14lbs.  4 up from my last visit, and still 9 days away from my next.  I'm terrified/embarrassed to be gaining so much weight.  They wanted me to gain 15-20lbs total.  No way, since I don't even have a large bump yet and I'm not even halfway there.  At this point, it's going to be hard to stay under 30lbs.  

    So, it's not all insanity.  It's medical advice. 
  • If you're being honest with yourself about how much you're eating and what you're eating (meaning you aren't going crazy and would go to the mat justifying your choices) then your body is overriding your decision and gaining what it needs to gain.  I'm not saying not to enjoy anything you eat but you've got to use your own brain.  If you think about your food and you're eating too much crap, cut back to try and fall in line with what your doctor would like to see.  If you truly don't see much room for improvement, tell him so and stick to your guns that you're living a healthy life and your body will do what it needs to do.
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  • Well I am 20 weeks pregnant, and have gained a little over 20 lbs. It is difficult to read posts asking "is this normal, I've only gained ___ pounds!" and I'm over here thinking I'm a monster. I do my best to stay active, and eat my fruits and veggies before my candies and cakes. Stay positive!

  • Serunatu said:

    Well I am 20 weeks pregnant, and have gained a little over 20 lbs. It is difficult to read posts asking "is this normal, I've only gained ___ pounds!" and I'm over here thinking I'm a monster. I do my best to stay active, and eat my fruits and veggies before my candies and cakes. Stay positive!

    Ive gained 15 and im only 16 weeks.. I know how you feel! I keep telling myself everyBODY is different. There's a little baby in there remember!
  • I gained about 20lbs by 20 weeks, I'm now 25 weeks and I only gain about 1 lbs since then. I was slightly horrified but I started out at about 139 and have maintained a healthy lifestyle and eating habits so I'm trying not to worry. Your weight gain will most likely fluctuate as your body and baby needs it. I think it's a little unfair of your doc to tell you not to gain any weight for a period while pregnant. Considering you're growing a human, and all the fluids and such that go with it, it's practically impossible not to gain weight unless you yourself are loosing weight. Just try to stay healthy and active.
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  • Until week 22 I had only gained 1.4 lb. at week 26 I have gained 10 without changing my eating habits. Our bodies gain when they need too. As long as you are eating sensible and excersizing I wouldn't worry.
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    RayRay007 said:
    I don't think it was realistic of your doc to ask you to not gain any weight in one month, or healthy. As long as you're eating healthfully there isn't much you can do about it.
    Yeah, that's absolutely not a reasonable request. Maybe talk about nutrition or exercise, talk about trying to slow the weight gain a bit, etc, but to not gain weight for a month is getting a side-eye from me. 

    Eat well, stay as active as you can, and try not to stress about it. Some months you will gain less, some you may gain more. Like pp said, even if you gain 1lb/week from here on out, you will be at +32lbs. A little more than was recommended to you, but not excessive. 

    eta: Ughh how did this get bumped from July??
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