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Let's talk about school uniforms

My DS's school requires a uniform...basically khakis and polos.  DS plays hard.  So much so that he went through many pairs of khakis last year because he ripped the knees. Every. single. time.  Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced, durable brand of khakis?  I heard the Land's End khakis are the best but they are also like $30 a pair...hard to justify that expense when he is growing so fast as well (he grew two sizes over the last school year).
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Re: Let's talk about school uniforms

  • Have you tried the French Toast brand? http://www.frenchtoast.com/

    They have a version that has a reinforced knee.  My kids wear uniforms too and the pants held up very well for my son.

  • I buy DS the Sonoma pants at Kohls. This year, he ripped almost all the knees out of his jeans and khakis during recess at school...but the Sonoma brand held out the longest. I wait until they are on sale for $15 + I have a coupon, then I grab 2-3 pairs.

  • Our Costco has a uniform table set up- basically Khaki pants, skirts and shorts with a bunch of various colored polos.
    I didn't really stop and look at the prices, but there were a lot of moms digging through it - so it couldn't have been too bad. 


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  • I am another mom who swears by Lands End, and tries to shop sales. 
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    DS had almost all Old Navy last year, which have reinforced knees, and although he stained all of his khaki ones (stupid dry erase markers lol), he had no holes in any of them. I liked the fit of the Children's Place ones better and the navy ones faded less in the wash, but he only got those halfway through the year, so not sure how they would hold up long term.
    I went with Gap Shield this year to try to combat the staining, plus I got a killer clearance deal back in April for this year's pants, so they came out cheaper than any CP or ON sale!

    Also, if you need shorts, we bought so many brands and the CP ones have come out on top by far for fit and how neat they stay wash after wash.

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