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Fever After Vaccines

My LO had his 4 month vaccines yesterday. He was fussy and sore last night, but not running a fever. We gave him some Tylenol and he slept for over 12 hours in a row last night. He would've kept sleeping this morning, but I was worried so I woke him up.
He wasn't cranky, but I checked him temp this morning and it was at 100.3. After his bottle he started to fuss a little, so I gave him some Tylenol. Checked his temp an hour later and it was up to 100.5, so I called his doctor. The nurse said if it gets higher than 102 or persists longer and than 24 to call back.

Fast forward a few hours and another dose of Tylenol later and his temperature was at 101.3 and persisting even with regular Tylenol. The doctor's office is closed. He's not particularly fussy, at least while he has Tylenol in his system and he'll eat if I make him a bottle, but he doesn't whine for it like usual. No redness at the injection site, so that's good. Also he's sleeping a lot.

I know you ladies aren't doctors, but I was wondering if y'all had any similar experiences/advice since my doctor isn't available now.

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  • @FarmBoysWife‌ thank you for your reply and reassurance! I am dosing according to his weight. They gave me a special sheet at the doctors for finding the right dosage. Him spitting out some of it is another story...
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    @bsouls‌ it was nerve wracking the first time, but I had my dh hold his legs and bent down there to make sure I didn't stick it in too far. Just go like 1/2 an inch and no further. There's loads of info on how to do it if you google it. Or don't if you're too nervous! No shame in that either. You can do it via the armpit and the forehead if have the forehead thermometer, but read the info about how to accurately gauge those. I think for armpits you add a degree or something. I'll link a website. But if your lo feels warm I would try to take their temp one way or another. My babybear just felt a little warm and his turned out to be 101.3 at one point.

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  • Pedi nurse chiming in, we only do rectal temps if something serious is brewing. For a shot related fever forehead swipe would be fine.

  • @bsouls‌ it's no cause for worry or obsession! Your lo will do fine I bet. Mine is just having a normal mild reaction, I was just seeking advice from other mothers.
  • @ProudMommy030614‌ good to know! I don't have a forehead thermometer, but I will pick one up since that's way easier. I just always heard rectal is best. My mom and sister are both RN's though, so I've had plenty of guidance taking it rectally though, I should add.
  • @ProudMommy030614‌ good to know! I don't have a forehead thermometer, but I will pick one up since that's way easier. I just always heard rectal is best. My mom and sister are both RN's though, so I've had plenty of guidance taking it rectally though, I should add.
    I've never had a problem with rectal, I just put it in far enough so that I can't see the metal tip anymore....it helps to have a therm with a fast read out.  I don't think I would do it that way if I were using one with a minute-long read out.  Plus my baby is usually calm and non-squirmy for them.

    Anyway, was going to say, I personally would advise against the temporal therm.  It's a lot harder than it looks to keep it in contact with their forehead and slide it across if they're squirmy.  The first time I used mine said 100.4 and I was ready to pack up and go to the ER, but confirmed on three other therms (using armpit) that her temp was completely normal.  I then proceeded to get 3 different read outs from it and they weren't even close to one another.  I'm not sure what brand I have but it did get good reviews.  Not sure if I have a dud but I hate it and do not trust it.
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  • Who knew taking a baby's temp could be so complicated! I prefer rectal bc it's accurate, but my lo is so squirmy I'll probably pick up a thermal thermometer to use as a quick baseline. That way I'll know if I should go ahead and try it rectally. Though hopefully I won't have reason to use a thermometer again for a long while...
  • For those who are nervous about rectal temps, this thermometer is great. It has a fast read and you can't accidentally insert it too far. I got it for just that reason. I was paranoid I would hurt her.


  • I just use a soother thermometer I got a good one at babies r us.The doctor said it was good, I won't do a rectal one.
  • After my ER scare with Skylee when she was a month old, they told me only take rectal. And I wanted to add that I completely agree with @angelsnight about the temporal thermometer.  This relates again to Skylee's hospital ordeal when she spiked a fever at 4 weeks. They did all kinda testing (blood draws, xrays, catheter, etc) and ended up transferring her to a bigger hospital for the night.  The next day they told me if her temperature remained normal, we would go home.  But if it went up at all, they were doing a spinal tap.  So I was watching the screen CONSTANTLY to monitor her temp.  It had been normal all day, and then a nursing student came in with a temporal thermometer. She swiped it once and read 102.7.  She was like, "Oh my, you do have a fever don't you?"  I asked her to retake it because she hadn't had a temperature all day, so she swiped again, and got 101.3.  She then proceeded to take it a third time and got 99.8 and said, "Okay that's probably most accurate. I'll write that one down."  :-O  As soon as the doctor came in he had the nurse do it rectally and Skylee's temp was completely normal.  Also, she wasn't even squirmy during the temp reads....they were just very off.  That being said it could have been a bad thermometer.....but now I officially don't trust them. 

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  • Wow and that was one at a hospital too! That's crazy! Of all places those should be accurate. I've always done it rectally and will probably continue to do so, even if I get a temporal thermometer, since they're most accurate and I'm anal about that kind of thing.
  • Yeah better consult a doctor about that. Have you checked how high is the fever? Check it first, but if its too high consult a doctor.

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    @CatherineDavis008‌ kudos for using the search (I'm guessing?) but this thread is almost 3 months old! He's doing much better now :) but thank you for your concern. Also, it might help if you the actual post and not just the title, since I went into detail and told how high his fever got.

    Maybe an intro is in order since you appear to be a new member. We're a pretty tight click since we've been together over a year, and we like new people to introduce themselves.

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  • We did half at his 6 month appt too and it was a much better experience. No fever or fussiness.
  • Lo had all her shots given at one time except for the flu, half at that apt half in a month.  Luck for me she has tolerated all of them so far.  *Knocks on wood*
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  • The post resurrector has been banned. Maybe she was just spamming the link in her post? I didn't click it so I don't k ow what it i .

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  • Weird. I didn't click it either.
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