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Hey :)

Hi ladies. I'm a momma to a 2.5 year old and an 11 month old. I'm so glad I found an AP chat group! Now, I just have a minor rant! Pleeeease!

Took my 11 month old to the pedi today where I was instructed to do rigorous sleep training. If a parent did this during the day, it would be considered child abuse. She instructed me to let him cry for thirty minute at a time. She told me he will scream and scream. She told me to go in the room and pat his back every thirty minutes but not pick him up. She said this could go on for the entire 8-10 hours he should be sleeping, but that I must not give in and give him what he wants. She told me he would eventually wear himself out and fl asleep.

Um. You're effing batshit to think that's okay.

Re: Hey :)

  • It was actually just the RN. My actual pedi always just says the same as yours, that I can let him cry for a few minutes, etc. And he NEVER actually INSTRUCTS me on parenting things like sleep diet etc unless it would be affecting one of my kids' health.... I just said oh okay and tried to be polite. I think it showed on my face how much I wanted to scream though....
  • That is the worst advice I've ever heard. Hopefully the nurse doesn't have any children herself! I don't understand how anyone could leave their baby to cry like that. :(
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  • Oh she has two kids..... Poor babies :(
  • The entire thing was just ridiculous. I am considering calling to complain, but I don't think they'd care. I do need to find a new pedi, but hardly anyone takes our insurance.
  • I would let your ped know. They are basically running a small business and that RN is running clients off.
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