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Twenty Six Letters to Heaven curriculum

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Has anyone used this? What was your experience?

Looking for a curriculum for my soon-to-be 3yr old. :)

Re: Twenty Six Letters to Heaven curriculum

  • I replied in your other post as well.

    I researched this curriculum, as well as the Catholic Icing one. Neither one is a good fit for our family.

    26 Letters to Heaven has info on a saint for each letter. Thanks, but I have plenty of saint books already. There is also a memory verse (related to a virtue IIRC) for each letter. Then, there are booklists for each letter.

    That doesn't appeal to me because J. (and even A.) already knows most letters. So I don't want books centered around a letter. I want a different theme. That's why I like the God's Little Explorer's curriculum (which is Christian, but not Catholic). It uses a letter to reinforce a Bible story and an associated theme (D for Desert for John the Baptist as an example). And it has book suggestions, artist and composer study suggestions, life skills, etc...

    So to me Twenty-Six Letters to Heaven is a fine curriculum. But it's not a good fit for us.
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  • @barnwife DS is great with numbers (can count aloud to 20, identify 1-10, and count objects pretty well), but he really doesn't know his letters yet. I just ran with numbers since that's where his interest was, and haven't pushed letter recognition. We read several books a day already, and he has magnet letters on the fridge that he plays with and we talk about while I'm doing dishes or prepping meals, but that's all we've done so far!

    All that is to say that an alphabet-centered curriculum doesn't bother me, because it's something we've yet to learn! :)

    Thanks so much for your response. I've only really been able to find positive reviews online, and I want to be able to weigh the pros and cons before I buy. Thank goodness it's only $25!
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  • @Emerald27
    Had I wanted to start something more formal education-wise a year ago, I would have considered this one. But, I just can't get on board with formal schooling that young for my kiddos. And yeah, I am not totally against the alphabet, I just don't want everything centered around the letter. I want a broader theme to tie things together.

    If you want things centered around the letter, this seems to be a good fit. And it does have the advantage of being Catholic. Also, (and I rarely, rarely endorse electronic things for kids) the Leap Frog video that teaches the letters/sounds has a cute song and is memorable to kids in my experience. 
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