Preschool Curricula?

Anyone have recommendations for a good preschool curriculum for age 3? A friend recommended Sonlight, but it's SO expensive!! And based on the description, I feel like I could do that myself for much less $$.

The reason purchasing a curriculum appeals to me is that I'm due with number 2 in October (same month DS turns 3), and I like the idea of having books and activities for each week that are somewhat related...all planned out for me. I used to be a teacher and am no stranger to lesson planning, but I think having a plan would make schooling easier with the new baby.

Thoughts? Suggestions? We're a Catholic family, so certainly a Catholic or Christian curriculum appeals, but I also am all for secular curricula and adding in my own stuff for religion.

Re: Preschool Curricula?

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    I am also Catholic. Up to this point, I haven't done anything formal with our LOs. (J., the oldest, will be 4 soon.). Sometime this fall/winter I plan on starting my own variation of God's Little Explorer's preschool curriculum.  She came up with a "letter of the week" type thing for 26 Bible stories.

    We already do "prayer and praise" time after breakfast. We say a good morning prayer and then follow that with reading a Bible story or two that the kiddos choose. So this fall/winter I will start choosing a story each day as well.

    Then we will follow that up with an activity or two tied to the theme for the week (z is for zoo for the story of Noah's Ark, etc...). My kids mostly already know the letters and sounds so that part isn't what attracts me to the curriculum.

    I want them to become more familiar with Bible stories. This free curriculum provides that as well as a plethora of activities. 

    We also read a ton of books. Personally, I wouldn't spend a ton of money on anything for this age. 

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    We are using Before Five in a Row this year.
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    There are all sorts of things that you can do. Others have named some. You could also try this website:
    This might also be helpful: it's called Little Saints, and I have used it in the past with some of my preschool CCD classes. Good luck choosing one! And don't worry too much. As long as you spend time with your little one on letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and prayers and stories your little one will learn all it needs to in order to be prepared for Kindergarten. Any other questions I can always offer more suggestions! :)
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