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Starting out BLW

Second time momma here... (and pretty soon second time at trying BLWing). My daughter will be hitting 6 months on the 1st and we are getting to the signs she is ready to start attempting foods. I tried the BLWing method with my son and remember freaking out and stressing a lot however, I am open to giving it another try being a 2nd timer now. I am really hoping this time will be different and I can manage to relax with it more. Any "first foods" I should try over others to help get me/her comfortable with this method (size guidance appreciated too)? Also, she has been EBF, should I offer a bottle of water/BM in the event she needs to wash anything down?  My son is 2.5 and dinner time most nights is a battlefield (picky eater) so I am really hoping this will go smooth! TIA!
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Re: Starting out BLW

  • definitely go for it! it makes life so much easier. remember, your LO's gag reflex at this age is triggered pretty far forward in her mouth. so if something gives her trouble, she is just going to cough a little and spit it out. if it makes you more comfortable, there are lots of BLW videos on youtube that show kids of different ages eating.

    just give your LO chunks that she can pick up easily in her fist and gnaw on. some of the first things we gave DS were apple slices, pear slices, avocado slices, banana chunks, strips of chicken. we also gave him oatmeal, applesauce, and yogurt (we helped him put it on the spoon, and he put the spoon in his mouth). and yes, once you start on solids, definitely offer some water with meals, preferably in a straw cup

    here are a couple of PDFs with helpful info:
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  • Remember, that for the first couple weeks (at least, sometimes months) they're not really eating as much as playing with the food and spitting it out, so she's probably not going to need to wash anything down.

    The problem with first foods that you may be more comfortable with (something mushy and close to a puree consistency naturally, like avocado or banana) is that these foods are more difficult for a new grasper to grab, which can be frustrating for them and lead to a less fun experience. 

    I think you're better off getting yourself more relaxed by understanding the process.  At least that worked for me.  I read the BLW book from cover to cover so I felt like I knew what I was getting into and I recognized that everything we were experiencing was what should be expected.  Like the first time he gagged I think I literally cried out, "Like in the Book!" instead of freaking out, thinking he was choking and trying to intervene which in many attempts ends up causing the problem.

    The book also gives lists of good first foods, how to prepare them, and what size they should be.  So it will answer all your questions.
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  • Egg yolks are great. Hard boiled of course. But hard to grasp.
    Cooked bell pepper, but you have to peel off the skin
    Blueberries cut in half
    Grapes cut in quarters
    Chicken or other meats
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