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Advice please. Quads/Quints

We triggered three follicles (21, 17, 16 - all others under 12) 6w4d showed four heartbeats and a fifth sac with a possible flicker. 1. I really need to speak with someone who has been in a similar situation. I am freaking out. 2. Wwyd? After the initial appointment with my RE, he called my obgyn (I live 2 hours from RE in a different state) to find his recommendation for a MFM /level three nicu etc. My obgyn wanted me to go directly there from the RE. I never thought about it, but it was terrible. By the time arrived, EVERYONE in the office knew. Two staff members said something before I even got to the room and others gave strange knowing smiles. There were five other people in the room with us during the u/s. I felt like a total freak show! I live in a very small town and I am terrified of this getting out to people. My RE was clearly concerned with the pregnancy, but he made it clear that I really needed to be careful and focus on being gentle to my 10+ cm ovaries and OHSS. He gave me advice and cautions. On the other hand Obgyn, other than mentioning to a person in the room to notice my huge ovaries, didnt mention anything about my immediate health. He is sending me to the MFM, who is about an hour away in the closest NIcu 3 hospital. Yet he wants to see me again in two weeks. Why? To gawk again? I never want to go there again but I don't know where else to go. Especially if we decide to reduce, already at least 15 people would know about this. I think he is the only high risk obgyn guy in the area, but does it even matter if ill be a patient at the bigger hospital? Also, and this sounds so petty, but it kinda send me over the edge: a friend of mine showed me that one of my all-time favorite students posted mean things about me online. It just rubbed in my face how much shit people talk behind backs here. I guess I'm just in a bad place right now. Any advice?

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  • I don't have a lot of advice since I"ve never been there, but just want to send love and hugs. If you decide on SR is there another doctor you could go to? Could your RE do it or recommend someone to do it, maybe in their city? Might be worth the drive to do it there and stay in a hotel to recuperate for a few days. Also, it might be worth remembering/reminding your OB and his/her staff about HIPPA and that they should not be discussing your case with anyone outside the office and they're grounds for a lawsuit if they do. And you'd know if other people in your town know and you never told them. 

    So many hugs and love to you. 
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  • I second a possible HIPPA talk with them. It's super strange to me that they brought that many people in without consulting you. My OB always asked first if she wanted to have someone else sit in on the ultrasound. We went to a teaching hospital, so that's a fairly nornal occurance and to be expected, but she did ask, and I appreciated it. Even without tjis particular situation, I'd be very tempted to find out if there was an OB I could see in the hospital you'd be seeing the MFM at and delivering at. It's not a bad thing to have all of your care and records handled and available to all the drs at the same facility.
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  • At six weeks I had three heartbeats and two sacs. At eight weeks we had four heartbeats. Our RE followed us to 12 weeks. That is normal to have another ultrasound with your RE. We started seeing our high risk Dr around nine weeks so from 9-12 weeks we had an ultrasound every week between the high risk Dr and the RE.
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  • basil2basil2 member
    So sorry, that sounds really really tough.
    I'd keep the apt with the MFM (you can always ask that they not send info to your OB if you aren't going back). You may want to research SR on your own (the MFM may just refer you on to someone else, but they can talk with you some about the pregnancy and should know where to send you).
    You may want to find a local OB you're comfortable with (perhaps in a nearby town if you need to change?). (There may be a day when you need a basic check of something and don't want to drive 2 hours.).
    Even without all the issues you're having, I had a hard time with the transition from RE to OB/MFM (it wasn't clear who was responsible for what and I remember feeling very frustrated/ upset after the MFM visit).
    One would think that an OB office would know to be careful about confidentiality (there are plenty of singleton pregnancies where someone doesn't want the info to get out). If you're concerned, it may be worth a call to the office manager.
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  • zazu13zazu13 member
    Just wanted to offer my support. I havent been in your shoes and cannot imagine the stress. I absolutely would complain to the OB office. You are a patient, not a freak show. I would see the mfm exclusively. There was a girl on here just a week or two ago in a similar predicament (trips not quads) considering a SR. There were several helpful reapsonses. If you search you could prob find it. Hugs to you and DH. I hope the decisions become clear and you have a safe delivery of your baby(ies).

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