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Another great article

After our loss I think I read every article on Stil Standing and they continue to hit it out of the park with their articles--here's another one. This one has to do with FB and I don't want to "LIKE" the article there, so I'm sharing here. :)

What do you do?

I swear everytime I log on to FB I have this same internal conversation the author wrote about and by the end I usually end up hitting "like", but I have a lot of friends hidden--particularly those with due dates that were near mine. I ran into an acquaintance over the weekend with her new baby that was born a few days before our due date. It about knocked the wind outta me. It made me sad, but no tears--more anger. 


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Re: Another great article

  • Thank you for sharing - I hadn't found Still Standing until you mentioned it. But after spending time on the site -  I agree the articles are great!
  • I love this, I feel the exact same way.  I deactivated my FB account for a while after our loss. Once I got back on I un-followed everyone that's was pregnant/had a newborn. It still seems like every other day someone else announces they are pregnant. I can't bring myself to "like" any of the posts. Now matter how happy I am for them, I can only think about how unfair it is that they get bring home their babies and we didn't.

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