It's great to read these comments....we're past 60 days in the NICU

That's pretty much it. Our twins were born on 5/19 and we just celebrated their 2 month birthday with cupcakes at the NICU. This is now our second cupcake celebration with the nurses and as much as I love them, I'm hoping our 3 month celebration is at home.

One of our boys is doing really well and may be discharged in the upcoming weeks, our other baby boy is doing okay, but not progressing as fast. He may be there a month or so more. BUT all in all, they are doing and are looking great. It's rough, but I believe in the team at the NICU and they are so helpful and sweet.

We are having a "Care Conference" this week with the NICU doctor, NP, social worker, nurse and possibly RT and PT/OT to discuss at length their progress and our action plan. I will admit I'm anxious and nervous, I'm praying for positive news!
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Re: It's great to read these comments....we're past 60 days in the NICU

  • KTZ17KTZ17 member
    I'm sorry you're dealing with a long NICU stay, but glad to hear your boys are doing well. I hope things progress more quickly and you're able to have the 3 month cupcakes at home! What is keeping them at the NICU at this point? Have they started oral feeds yet? Best of luck to your family!

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  • e74e74 member
    Congrats! I had twin boys in the NICU as well and one went home two weeks before the other... They'll get there! Hoping for good news at your meeting!
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  • Congrats!  I had a twin (DD) that came home 2 weeks after her brother.  While it was a pain to go to the hospital with a newborn in tow, it helped me to re-adjust to having a baby at home again and prepare for another one to come home. 

    Honestly, I have forgotten a lot of the NICU "stuff" (good and bad) and it's only been a year! 
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