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Just wanted to ask if any parents out there have moved the LO out of the crib yet, if so...what age and what made you do it? Our LO is 22 months and so far is fine in his crib and hasn't shown any attempts at climbing out or frustration from being in there. BUT our twins will be coming home from the NICU soon and we keep talking about big boy moves and are wondering if we should consider. LO's crib converts into a day bed and then it just takes a screwdriver to make it happen. Thoughts?
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Re: Crib Conversion...

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  • My little one is a climber at 14 months. He climbs everything. So, we switched his crib to the toddler/day bed with a rail already. We baby proofed his room in case he gets up and decides to play in the mornings.

    He really loves climbing into his bed on his own. He goes down for naps when he's tired, and that is just wonderful to watch! He's so easy going. 

    I guess it wasn't a huge change since it was just a rail, and we didn't have to switch rooms or anything.

    But good luck with everyone! Sounds like your home is about to get crazy for a moment, but we all know you guys can handle it :D 
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    No way I would move a happy toddler out of a crib at the same time I was bringing home infant twins!!

    Leave him in the crib until you NEED to move him out.  Life will be chaotic at first with the babies home...keep your toddler happily (or not so happily) contained for everyone's sanity and safety!!



  • DD1 climbed out of her crib at 22 months, so we were forced to move her to a regular bed. It was awful. She went from going to sleep by herself in her crib to needing one of us with her to fall asleep. She is still difficult to put to bed at 8, so maybe that's more personality than anything.

    We transitioned DD2 to a twin bed at 2.5 years. She wasn't climbing out, but we needed the crib for DD3. She was in the twin bed (bottom bunk since we moved the two older girls together) for a few months before DD3 was born. She stopped napping at that point, and then started going to bed pretty easily.

    I anticipate keeping DD3 in the crib until 2.5-3 years.
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  • My son started climbing out of his crib last month (at 17 months) so we immediately switched him to a toddler bed. We found him a toddler bed where the mattress sits deep into the bed so he can't roll out. It's a fire truck bed and even has a steering wheel, lights, whistles. Throughout the day he often sits in it to play or put puzzles together. He sleeps so much better in it than he did in his crib.
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