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Bikini When Pregnant! Eww!

So, a close family friend of ours posted a photo of her at the pool. In the background was a pregnant woman probably about 4-5 months along, wearing a bikini. This family friend's post stated "look closely-bare baby bump on the girl next to me!!! Made me very uncomfortable..."

Last month, I went to the beach, and proudly flaunted my baby belly in a bikini (see below), not caring what others thought! If this lady was not a close family friend, I would say "shame on you!" but don't want to offend anyone.

Am I wrong for thinking a bikini when pregnant is totally adorable?!

Re: Bikini When Pregnant! Eww!

  • The ONLY reason I didn't wear a bikini at the beach last week was because I drastically underestimated how large my boobs have gotten and none of my bikini tops fit. 

    (I really thought this post was going in a different direction with the title.)
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  • No, the lady that thinks it's weird is the weird one! We lived in Puerto Rico and I also noticed when we visited Hawaii that EVERYONE wears a bikini! It doesn't matter the body type. If you're comfortable with yourself, rock the bikini. I think you did exactly that ;-) I don't know how you keep your mouth shut. You should make that your profile picture just so she gets the update!
  • Oddly (or hypocritically, I thing bikinis are super cute on pregnant women but I do not like bare belly maternity pictures...go figure.

    That said, I would never wear a biking pre-pregnancy so I'm not about to now!  Too much of me to cover :)
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  • I think as long as what should be covered is covered, bare that bump.
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  • Honestly, I only feel brave enough for a bikini while pregnant...the baby hides/trumps the flub, so I worry less about how I look. ;)

    I think it's weird and silly to be made "uncomfortable" by a pregnant belly. Also unkind to post something like that. I would have trouble not commenting about it on that FB post. :P
  • I never wear bikinis when I'm not pregnant, but I'd consider it while pregnant.  Like someone else said - the baby belly substitutes for the chubby belly that makes me uncomfortable in a bikini any other time.  I see nothing wrong with pregnant ladies in bikinis.
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  • Pregnancy is the only time I feel confident to wear one because I actually have a valid excuse for the belly! Lol
  • I wear a bikini. Mostly because this is my first baby, I don't have stretch marks, and don't own a maternity suit.

    People stare at me, and I don't give a shiz. My belly is cute. And never again will I wear a bikini.
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  • I don't know your friend but do you think maybe she meant something else other than uncomfortable? I feel my sexiest while pregnant but it was still a bit weird to see my belly so stretched in the later stages of pregnancy. Like an I can't believe it stretches like that and there is a baby in there sort of thing. I think people who haven't been pregnant or been exposed to many pregnant bellies might have a bit of a whoa experience seeing one. Still weird to post about it on Facebook even if she didn't mean to use the word uncomfortable.

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  • I'm still wearing the bikini. Mainly because I had ordered a maternity swim suit, and it was unattractive and really cheaply made, so it went back! I'm 28 weeks now, and my belly button hasn't popped and I don't have any stretch marks, so I wear the bikini! My husband says there's nothing to be self conscious about, because there are plenty of non-pregnant women wearing bikinis that probably shouldn't!

    My in-laws are a little uncomfortable with it. They are always asking things like "you don't have a bikini on under there, do you?" Or "have you bought a maternity swim suit yet?" Or "you're going to be so hot wearing your cover-up all day." Ha! At first I was offended, but then I realized it's just a generational thing!

    So ladies, rock on with your bikinis!
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    I think if you are comfortable go for it!
  • I'm tall and have yet to find a one piece swimsuit that doesn't give me a big wedgie normally! I even bought a maternity one piece a few months back thinking --finally! There's no way this one will be too short!---my camel toe said otherwise and back it went. Bikinis are my only option!
  • Rock that bikini! I have been!!!
  • All I wear is a bikini! Wear it if that's what you're most comfortable in!
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  • I vote for posting your super cute beach pic in response to her post!
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  • Some people don't look good in a bikini, pregnant or not. I happen to be one of them ;)
    But do I get offended? No, I say rock whatever makes you feel good. Who cares what people think.
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  • Ladies sorry if late.But I had a nice one piece my ant gave me.And a couple of bikinis.So rock that bikini sweetly
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