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How long until AF

I miscarried last Sunday and found my beta was at a 9 on Monday. I went in for my follow-up beta this morning. I don't remember and wasn't really tracking my last MC to know how long after beta's were neg that AF showed. Does anyone know how long it should take?

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  • In my experience, with my loss prior to the heartbeat my period showed up as expected the next month.  With my later losses my period has shown up right around when my betas were negative.  I know for my loss prior to this one that was discovered at 12 weeks, the week my betas finally were negative I started shortly after.  I still haven't had a period with my latest loss, but I know my betas are no where near negative yet.

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  • My doctor didn't track my betas but I temped the cycle after my miscarriage. I ovulated nine days later than usual and my period showed up nine days later than usual...

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  • Generally speaking, after hCG gets back to zero your cycle can kind of start (even though the start of your cycle is still considered first day of miscarriage), so 3-4 weeks after that. Sometimes it takes longer, but for a CP it will likely not be too much different than your typical cycle.
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  • I had a CP this time and AF was back 31 days later (which is normal for me). Same thing happened when I had a MC back in 2011.


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  • My doctor told me that it could take 4-6 weeks for AF to arrive after my miscarriage. It took about 4 weeks and was only a few days behind when I would have prior to my misscarriage. In other threads I found it helpful that other people had warned that it can be pretty heavy on your first one, which it was for me. Good luck.

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