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Beco Gemini problems

I was in the market to buy a SSC.  I did a ton of research and narrowed it down to beco, tula and ergo.  My cousin let me try her ergo and her tula and I liked them, at the time baby seemed to like as well.  he spent about 5-10 min in each.  my husband wanted us to try beco gemini since he likes outward facing.  i have had the beco gemini for a week and my baby hates it!  I have tried all positions except back carry and he seems uncomfortable, cries, and is squirmy.  i am really bummed and wonder if he just doesn't enjoy it.  could it be the carrier?  is it worth buying a tula or ergo?  my hesitation is that he seems to hate the front facing in the he is claustrophobic that way.  he is 5 months and about 13 1/2 lbs.  any advice would be appreciated...not ready to throw in the towel on baby wearing just yet!

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    Front-facing out (FFO) can be tough on babies since baby can't turn away from stimulation so I wouldn't sweat missing out on that.  A hip carry lets baby look all around but still snuggle in when needed, and the Gemini can do that (though it isn't the most comfortable thing in the world). A back carry is one that curious, sitting* babies also like.

    Ok, now for my battery of questions...Have you tried the hip carry option yet? When baby is facing in, do you snapped the crotch to the wider position rather than the newborn or FFC snapped-down crotch?  Can you post a picture? Is there a babywearing group near you: While I'm guessing there are still ways to make what you have work (like strap him in and then go for a walk outside or give gently bounces), the three you mentioned are the tip of the babywearing iceburg. If you genuinely need something else, there is something out there that will work. A meeting is a great way to explore.

    *Sitting unassisted is a requirement for SSCs, which you may already know :)

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    Is there a BWI (Babywearing International) chapter near you? You can take your carrier to a meeting and the babywearing educators can see how he's positioned and make sure you're using it correctly. Maybe something just isn't quite right. :)

    ETA: Oops. Redundant post. Should have read PP's responses.
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  • My almost 10 month old only likes to be worn facing out! She HATES front facing in but is very happy FO. The trick in the beginning was to put her in and go outside (I wore her for walking around the block only in the beginning) once outside she was amazed by everything and seted down. Put your LO in and them try a change of scenery
    For what it's worth I have the Gemini and love it though my daughter is getting to big for FO and I'm trying to transition to hip carry
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