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Diaper Question...

My 16 month old keeps peeing through his diapers at night. We've tried switching brands, switching types of diapers within brands etc. with no luck. I would hate to have to wake him up in the middle of the night to change his diaper. Any diaper advice you can give me?? Thank you!
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Re: Diaper Question...

  • Have you tried the overnight diapers? They seem to hold more. Is he drinking a lot of water or liquids right before bed or during the night? 
  • Have you ever tried changing his diaper while he is asleep in his crib?  My DD doesn't leak through her diapers but will wake up if it gets too full.  DH or I will change her diaper while she is sleeping in her crib before we go to bed and 9 times out of 10, she will sle
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  • Yeah we've tried all different kinds of nighttime diapers. He does tend to drink a lot in the evening....not sure how to curb that - especially since I don't want to keep him from staying hydrated. I suppose we can try and change him in his sleep in the middle of the night, but it sure is a rude awakening for all of us since he's been sleeping through the night since he was 2 weeks old!
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  • mb314mb314 member
    Cloth diapers.

    We've been using cloth diapers since DS was born, but I have had to give them up for overnight because they all leaked.  The overnight Pampers have worked well for us.  If your LO a boy?  Do you push his penis down so that the diapers don't leak from the top?  I wonder if you could put a size larger diaper over the regular diaper (I have never done this but it could be worth a shot).
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  • I had heard the same about cloth diapers too! Yeah Pampers is the brand we've been using since he was born and up until this point, they've worked great. We wondered if maybe we should move up in diaper size in general even though he still fits in his size 4's no problem. But I hadn't thought of doubling up. I'll be sure to double check pushing down his penis too. 
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  • We size up at night in an overnight diaper. She is usually in size 5 during the day, so we put her in a Huggies Overnight size 6. I much prefer Huggies Overnights to Pampers, even though we use Pampers Cruisers during the day.
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  • have you tried using a diaper that is a size up from what he is using during the day? that has worked well for us. DS currently wears size 4 during the day and size 5 at night. you could also try a different brand.
  • ss265ss265 member
    We size up at night in an overnight diaper. She is usually in size 5 during the day, so we put her in a Huggies Overnight size 6. I much prefer Huggies Overnights to Pampers, even though we use Pampers Cruisers during the day.

    This! We use Huggies overnight in a size up and rarely have issues. They also have diaper inserts on Amazon which other Moms have recommended but I didn't like that they can lead to diaper rash.

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  • Yes, size up an overnight diaper.  We tried a million cloth solutions and none worked as well.  Both Pampers and Huggies nighttime are fine for us.  We give her 5 oz of milk, brush her teeth, and then let her have 5 oz of water and she still does not leak.  We use a fleece sleep sack so that helps keep the sheets dry if there is an issue.  What I think helps is that she does not drink a ton in the evening before her milk and we never nurse or give anything otherwise during the night unless she's sick or something.  
  • We use the Pampers Extra Protection diapers.  They are more absorbant than the regular 12 hour overnight diapers.  I've only had 1 or 2 leaks from those, ususally on days when kiddo sleeps longer than usual.
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  • We size up. Right now LO fits perfectly into 3's but I am going to buy his next bag of pampers baby dry in size 4.

    I've also found that he is more likely to leak through when he has tighter clothing on- like a snap onesie or zip up jammies...we haven't had a leak since he's been wearing two piece pjs. 
  • Looks like the consensus is to size up!! Headed to the store right now. Thank you everyone for your replies. It is super appreciated!!! We'll see if that helps. I'd like to just try sizing up before cutting back on how much he drinks. Man the kid and drink....and pee!! Thank you!!
     :) Jme
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  • We use the Huggies Overnites and size up from DDs daytime size (so right now a 5).  She's usually in one for about 10-11 hours and we've rarely had middle of the night wakeups due to fullness or leakage.  The Huggies were recommended by many mama friends so I never tried anything else and they work well for us.
  • Not sure if your son is a tummy sleeper, but my son is and I pull the diaper up a little higher in the front for bedtime. We use Pampers Swaddlers and have never had any blowouts or wet sheets. Some mornings the diaper is really full of pee, but never leaks onto the bed or his clothes.
  • We've had the best luck with Pampers Extra Protection diapers size 5 (DS2 wears Luvs size 4 during the day).  Occasionally he still leaks (2-3 times per month).  I also tried to cut down on his liquids in the evening but it's hard because I don't think he gets quite enough at day care during the day.  He's a thirsty kid and they use such tiny cups.  I'm going to try what someone else said and pull the diaper a little higher in the front. I never thought of that!  

  • You can try diaper boosters also. I've heard of people just using feminine pads (same thing).  We ended up using the cheap brb vinyl pants over the diaper which helped alot.
  • Thanks for your input everyone. So far we've up'ed his night time size and I reduced his evening drinking by a few ounces. The first night he just leaked a little bit and the last two nights, DRY! So happy. Thank you!!!
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  • A size up in diapers and maybe a diaper cover over it.
  • We use cloth and have never had a leak, but I've heard that using a cloth doubler, folded up across the front of the disposable diaper, will help keep boys from leaking.


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  • This happened to my daughter, we had to go up one size and use overnight diapers. We have had good luck with the Walmart brand overnights and Huggies. Once we went up one size, it was much better. Though if she gets up in the middle of the night and has some milk/water, we need to change her before she goes back to sleep. The diaper can only handle so much :)

    Good luck.
  • We use cloth, and it took us some trial and error until we found our night-time diapering solution. We never had leaks, it was more a soaking diaper issue. I wouldn't go the cloth route unless you're willing to do some testing with it.

    When we travel we do disposables, and have had luck with Huggies Overnights. We had a few leaks, but then realized we weren't getting a good fit - basically, user error. We got 'em on snug and didn't have any issues after that.

    Less liquids before bed and STTN helps!!

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  • The diaper boosters are a miracle.  Our son has only wet through one of those once or twice, and routinely wets through without one.  
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