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Hi everyone second time preemie mom to a 30 weeker this time around. We are planning to hopefully be bringing her home end of the week. She'll be going home on neosure I was wondering if anyone knew best place or how to find coupons for it? I read a post about walmart brand that would have been so much cheaper but it's not available. I'm only one working and make just over for wic so any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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  • We bought the Walmart brand of Neosure from their website. Is it no longer available like that? You might ask your pedi, neonatologist, or NICU social worker if they know of any services to help you. Good luck!
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    Is it possible to get a prescription for it so it'll be covered by your insurance? I've heard of that working for some people.

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  • Amazon subscribe and save with amazon prime is how I got neosure. It came to $78 for 6 cans. As long as you have 5 subscriptions a month you get the 20% off. This was the cheapest I could find anywhere.

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  • My NICU gave me a voucher from Abbott that gave us a free case of those 2 oz bottles. I'm not sure if they'd have one of those from their sales rep or not.  It was just nice to delay having to start buying the neosure myself.
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  • Target has it very cheap


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  • If you have a Kroger grocery store near you, I think they give you a discount on Similac with your Kroger card.

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    I made a post last month...I have about 20 cans, give or take a few. If you're really in need! I can ship them by mail. If anyone has shipped formula before, some advice how to do it would be appreciated! Really I'm not even asking money for them. They have been at my house for a year! But I think they are all good until 2015! Let me know! @KISSIES
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  • I second Amazon subscribe and save…..I also use the $5 off coupons at Target every once in a while when I have coupons and need just one or two cans before my order comes
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