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So how was your weekend?

I was out with a group of friends Saturday night, most of whom didn't know about either of my miscarriages (there just never seems to be a 'right' time to bring up such a sad topic). I am finally getting to the point where I can talk about the losses without breaking down completely, so I made an effort to let them know what's been going on without making a big deal of it. I had a great conversation with one woman who told me she'd been in the same place - it was nice to share my feelings IRL and have someone understand and commiserate. She also offered the name of the specialist she'd been referred to. I felt like a weight was lifted after being able to talk about it all more freely. 

Then today, the same group met again for a family friendly cookout. I love these ladies and their husbands, and we all spent last evening together without a hitch. But today, everyone had their kids with them. Except me. I didn't have a problem seeing the children, but every time I turned around, the conversation was about parenting or their kids latest thing. That was what got to me - knowing that in this one area, I have absolutely nothing to contribute. 

So, I guess I'm calling the weekend a draw. I'm trying to focus on the positive, but I'm still reeling a bit from today. So, how was your weekend??? 
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Re: So how was your weekend?

  • I hate the feeling have not having anything to contribute to the conversation. It's like you're the adult stuck at the kids table except it's some weird alternate universe and you're just stuck there feeling awkward. Or at least that's how it seems to be. 

    My weekend was 50/50 as well. Friday was my b-day and we played games and had some drinks. Then Saturaday i went out with some family because my aunts birthdays are 2 days before mine and my sisters birthday is a couple weeks after. So we did a big family celebration thing. So I got awesome nachos and margaritas for dinner. Then my cousin told them it was our birthdays and they brought us each a shot. But since I'm the only one that drinks shots I got all 4! It was a pretty good night.

    Today, however, didn't go as well. Serious conversations about what we want to do going forward with TTC has kind of dulled the happy feelings from Fri/Sat. But oh well.

    I have plans to keep myself busy this week and hopefully it will be enough.
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  • @EllyD14 - Happy birthday!! OMG, I'd be under the table with 4 shots! Not that I'd refuse them... ;) I'm sorry the rest of your weekend was less fun.

    @heartbot - There is nothing wrong with hiding out! Months after my first miscarriage I was still sneaking away from groups for a breather. It will get easier. ((hugs!))
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    BFP #2 - 6/29/14 - on our first wedding anniversary! NMC 7/8/14
    BFP #3 - 2/11/15 - Also found out I have MTHFR deficiency - taking Foltx for more folic acid!
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  • @LDubHawksFan Happy Birthday!!

    My weekend was pretty good.  We had a big family reunion on Saturday that I was kind of dreading as this was family we don't get to see that often, and I was really looking forward to this day to tell that part that I was pregnant.  Luckily most knew and I didn't get to many questions, but I did get a few difficult ones.  It was a good day overall, but did leave me feeling sad with trying to keep it together with those and over hearing conversations with my parents asking how I was doing and wanting more details.  Everyone was super respectful and I know they are only worried about us, but it just left me feeling a little down.

    Sunday we rented our storage unit and started moving all the random stuff we won't need for the next month until the closing on our new house.  It was a good distraction, and I'm so grateful that I have something that I can use to keep my mind off other things when I need a break.

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