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This post may contain TMI, but I am really needing advice. I had a miscarriage Thursday evening at about 5 weeks. I passed the sac that evening and went to the ER. I did not have a pelvic exam because the ER was very busy and after waiting 6 hours it was just too much for me to do. I did have a US where they did not see sac anymore. I have had 3 previous miscarriages, but I have never been far enough along to see the sac on an ultrasound or even know I was passing it. I have had heavy bleeding since Thursday that has not really slowed down. I'm starting to get nervous that I am bleeding too much. My doctor has always said if I am filling a pad an hour I should go to the ER. I have not filled a pad an hour, but I am also going to the bathroom 500 times a day because I feel like I am bleeding. I have been passing clots and I feel like the blood is just pouring out of me when I am in the bathroom. It seems like so much. My doctor is out of the office until August, so my appointment isn't until the 4th. I do go tomorrow to have my HCG done, but I don't know what I should do about the bleeding. Should I call my doctors office or give it a few more days? Is this normal? My last 3 miscarriages were just like heavier periods with very little to no clotting. 

Any advice would be appreciated! 

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  • Unfortuantely, heavy bleeding and passing of clots for a while is pretty common. The pad/hour is pretty standard for when to go in. My last loss I was 8 weeks along and bled for about 5 weeks. 

    If you're ever worried you should still call your doctor. Even if he's not in the office he should have someone on call that you can talk to. 

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  • I am very sorry for your loss. I just recently had my 2nd mc at about 7 weeks. I bled pretty heavily for a good week after it happened. Its awful and just a constant reminder of what has happened.
    I hope the bleeding slows down for you soon. Dont be adraid to call dr at any time. I call with any quest/concerns. That's what they are there for.


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  • While I didn't experience heavy bleeding like that with either of my miscarriages, I have to agree with PP's - call your doctors office. I've found that my doctor's office is fantastic with making me feel better - no matter how silly the question. They have multiple doctors, and a separate nurse line specifically for asking questions. Certainly with something as serious as you're experiencing they should be able to give you great advice. 
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  • PP's have given you some good advice.  Just wanted to say I'm so sorry for your loss and offer ((HUGS)).
  • Thank you! I'm waiting for the nurse to call with my HCG level and I will talk to her about the bleeding. 
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