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Could this be allergies

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Hi everyone. I have a 9 week old EBF son and he has had some symptoms and everything I've been reading points to possible food allergies. I would really like to hear your thoughts.

LO has started spitting up what seems like a lot after almost every feeding. It's usually very slimy (maybe mucus).
A week ago his poops changed from normal seedy to liquid/slimy, I'm assuming it's mucus. He constantly poops a little bit at a time, so there is pretty much always a little poop in his diaper at every change. This is contributing to diaper rash around his anus that I have been dealing with for weeks.
At least once a day he has a green mucus poop.

He's also had baby acne since he was just a few days old.
I don't think he is overly fussy and for the most part seems happy, though he does get gassy at night and grunts and strains in his sleep.

Really it's the spitting up and possible mucus and rash that really bother me. I'm going to put a call in on Monday to see what the dr thnks, but is there anything else I should be on the look out for?

I did start eating eggs more around the time the mucus poops started, could that be a connection, humm. But the rash has been there for a while. Also, I'm a vegetarian, I drink almond milk and use almond butter. I cut out dairy a week ago, but may have had hidden dairy and have not been paying attention to soy. Ugh. Sorry I'm all over the place. Thanks for reading!

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Re: Could this be allergies

  • It took about four weeks of being dairy free to see a difference. When I started eating nuts regularly I could tell DS was reacting. If you suddenly increased any food I would probably eliminate it to see if there is a difference. Good luck to you. I hope your LO feels better soon.
  • Hi! I have gone through this also. DS#2 is EBF and was getting green,mucousy, and frothy stool. Then, it started to have some tiny flecks of bright red blood in it. Turns out, it was me. I have something called oversupply and foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. Take a look at the Le Leche League website and look up oversupply. It may just be what is going on. But, like the other ladies said, it may also be a dairy allergy. Best of luck to you!
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