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Placenta previa bleed - the worry that follows

I've been lurking on here for a while. I'm 20 weeks along now. At 11weeks after DH and had sex, we found a softball sized bright red spot on the sheets. I thought that was bad, cried, but when I went into the dr, my PP was diagnosed and I was told not to worry because it would likely move, especially so early. There were not warnings given, other than being put on pelvic rest.

3 weeks later, I was sitting and talking to DH at work went I felt something. I thought I peed a little. I didn't worry too much about it because ya know how pregnant bodies are... Weird sensations/stuff. I began to walk to the bathroom, and felt the "pee" running down my inner thighs. I thought "wow, I peed more than I thought".

When my thighs rubbed together as I walked, it felt slicker than urine. For a second I thought my water had broken. When I looked down, it saw blood running down my legs and a trail behind me. I was sure I had miscarried. After an emergency room visit, we learned all was well, and that the bleed was again a result of complete PP.

I cried when I made it back to my midwife. She could not reassure me that this was not a slow miscarriage, and informed me that my case is a bit unusual because I bled so early (I guess it usually doesn't happen until closer to 30 weeks). I was put on modified bedrest until I saw the MFM who told me that at this point there was nothing I could do to save the pregnancy or not. My body would do what it was going to do. He said my PP is unlikely to move based on my symptoms and its location, and that I am unlikely to make it to the end of my pregnancy without more bleeds. I was sent back to work (desk job).

Since then, I have tried to get back to normal. I have a DD who is 20 months. But the memory of what happened is haunting. I live in fear of my next bleed no matter how hard I try. I pray to make it to viability, so that my precious second daughter can have a chance at life. I live in denial that despite feeling so great in this pregnancy, it could all go so wrong. And I pray every day thanks to God for keeping the baby safe this far.

Sorry for the downer post/introduction. I have my next ultrasound on Tuesday and I'm extremely anxious. After that, I will get rereferred to the MFM, and will learn at what point they will put me on bedrest.

Positive stories and encouragment is welcomed. I don't talk to DH about it much because I feel he's dismissive in an attempt to keep me upbeat.

Re: Placenta previa bleed - the worry that follows

  • I understand what you mean about being so worried. I'm 25w tomorrow. I had some light spotting in the first trimester. I was diagnosed with cpp at 16 weeks and I've been terrified ever since. I haven't had any major bleeding. But I feel the need to check every time I go to the bathroom. Sometimes I feel like I worry too much. I have a DD (21 years) and a DS (6 years). It took us 5 years to get pg this time. In those 5 years, I've had a miscarriage almost every other month. We finally gave up and adopted our granddaughter (1 year) and got pg when she was 7 months. I can't imagine losing this baby now. And I have no idea how to stop worrying...
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