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Daycare and naps

I have been home with DS for almost a year now. In September, he will be one and going to daycare. Since he was little, DH and I rocked him to sleep for naps and bedtime. Currently, I nurse him to sleep for his two naps and for bed.

We need to get him ready for daycare in September and we need to get him to go down for naps on his own. We are stuck and don't know where to start. DH can sometimes rock him to sleep for his naps but lately that is hit and miss.

DH is home for the summer with us so we have 6 weeks to work on it together. Are there any ways we can gently transition him to falling asleep on his own?

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Re: Daycare and naps

  • Agree, don't worry about it.  Kids go down differently for different people.  It will be ok!
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    OP: somewhat similar situation with my LO in that he nurses to sleep for his naps.  I'll be going back to work in 6 months and my mom is going to watch him so I'm nervous about how she'll get him down for naps.  It's nice to hear from PPs that they didn't experience any issues.  Hopefully your DCP (and my mom) will be able to rock LOs to sleep.  Best of luck!
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  • Thank you everyone. I am hoping for a gentle transition for him.

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  • just echoing the advice above-  don't discount the power of peer pressure! ;) it'll work itself out.

    DS does need one of the DCPs to rub his back until he falls asleep, but he naps fine once he's out. you could mention that your LO is used to having help napping and ask if could they rock/pat him for a couple of weeks until he is more comfortable.
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    I can't share advice from personal exp as My DD has always been falling asleep on her own, but when I was looking at preschools for her a few months ago, and visited several, some at nap time, I was always shocked to see all the kids totally passed out on their little cots, no dark room, just dimmed lights, and typically music on. Every time the teachers would tell me 'yeah you will see, they all fall asleep somehow'. I wouldn't stress too much over this.
  • I agree with PPs- my LO is not a good napper.  At home I actually hold him for all of his naps.  He started DC last week, and he is regularly napping for a 2.5hr stretch each morning in a crib.
  • Having run a home daycare, with a handful of AP families I can honestly tell you not to worry.  What typically happens is in the early days the child is so utterly exhausted from all the excitement and social stimulation that come nap time they just pass out.  This starts the pattern of good sleep habits at daycare.  Once they adapt and are not so exhausted they are used to putting themselves down that it just continues.

    I find with all my kiddos they tend to start off sleeping one sleep cycle and waking up thinking where the heck am I with a bit of help they go back down and in time they no longer wake after a sleep cycle.

    Most kids sleep much better in daycare and eat much better in daycare. 


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