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Boba air

Hi! I don't usually post here but I thought maybe you ladies would have some great opinions.

I have a 10 month old that has outgrown the carrier I had been gifted. I'm basically looking for an affordable, lightweight carrier that is not lacking any comfort.

I came across the boba air and it had amazing reviews so I'm wondering if anyone here recommends it. Any complaints?

I like the affordable price (65.99$) but I'm not opposed to trying similar ones if there's any suggestions that seem better than the boba air.

Thanks in advance. :)

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    Hi there, I'm not sure what you're willing to spend on a carrier... the Boba Air is ok if you don't plan on wearing LO too frequently for a long period of time.  It can get somewhat uncomfortable.  The Boba is much more comfortable for frequent use.  My friend (who owns a Boba, moby, Tula and Ergo) says that she's seen the original Ergo at Marshalls for pretty cheap and that's a comfortable carrier.  I have a Tula (super comfortable but pretty pricey) and LO loves being in it.  You can check out baby wearing groups or for more info.  

    @ncbelle also knows a TON about carriers too, hopefully she can give you some advice.  GL!
  • Thank you so much for the information, I can get a second hand Ergo for the same price as a new boba air so maybe I will go that route. I don't use the carrier a ton but frequently enough that I was a little worried about the thin straps on the boba air but I've read that the thicker straps on the Ergo can also be quite uncomfortable sometimes. I suppose I'll just have to try!

    Thanks again :)
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  • The Boba is lovely in that it packs up small, but that simplicity comes at a price in terms of comfort. I consider it a short-term carrier for people with healthy backs. For those, like me, with back issues, I'd steer clear. If you are under 5'2, you may find that the Ergo doesn't quite fit right either. Would you consider a mei tai? A Baby Hawk is still under $100.
  • I'm about 5'5 so not sure how it will fit but I find just by looking at the ergo it looks very bulky and hot for a summer day. I'm not opposed to the mei tai, I haven't looked into it much but will do so.

    What is it you like about the Baby Hawk? Any cons? @pixieprincss‌
  • A Baby Hawk is a mid-range mei tai that doesn't have a tiny body, and has light padding to it so it fits well beyond the newborn and tiny baby days. I like MTs because you get a more supportive fit than with an SSC. With an SSC the buckles are where they are and it either works for you or not. If you can't get to a babywearing meeting to try stuff on, a MT is usually a pretty sure fit for anyone (once you get beyond the initial learning curve). Some people do require extra-long straps, but their website should guide you through that.

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