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can you buy lego base plates in bulk?

we are making DS's train table into a lego table & I need six of the 15x15 base plates. They retail at around $20 each ughhhhh..... I tried to search around and couldnt find them except in singles with the exception of ebay and even there the only thing I could find was a set of 6 used plates for $100.
Anyone know a good lego plate source? I don't really want to mix & match the different colors & sizes b/c the 6 15x15 will fit perfectly .

Re: can you buy lego base plates in bulk?

  • They are sadly quite pricey. I would think ebay and craigs list would be your best bet. Maybe amazon would be cheaper
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    Thanks... I just re-checked amazon & they have them for $14 something. I think that might be the cheapest I get, I didn't see that price on there the other day (I swear they change the prices all the time on Amazon).... and it would be cheaper than the ebay seller for USED plates. Geez.

    update they only let me buy 5 & won't let me buy 1 in a separate transaction. ugh.

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  • get on the help chat and see if they can do it for you :) If not, just buy the 1 other you need at the $20 price, you still saved $25 and they were new :)
  • Ha I am going to have my mom order the last one and save that $6!!! ;)
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