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Hydrops Fetalis

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Anyone have any experience with this? I have been in the hospital for 24 hours now for steroid shots and monitoring. Really worried about LO. Dr isn't saying much. They want do genetic testing to find out what's causing it. All T&P are appreciated.

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Re: Hydrops Fetalis

  • So sorry you are going through this.  Please keep me posted.

    I have been up and down with something similar ... I'm about 17 weeks now, and we had the CVS test done around 12 weeks due to an abnormal NT-ultrasound.   Week 14 we found out that baby has Turner's Syndrom - and at week 17 the ultrasound showed ascites around baby's abdomen.  I have not been in the hospital however we've had to meet regularly with the Maternal-Fetal specialist.  The waiting is the HARDEST part. 

    Will be thinking of you - praying for the best!
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    How are you BOTH doing?  And babies?  I had an abnormal finding on my initial ultrasound at 9 weeks - found some edema around the head and chest.  On Monday, Sept. 8th, I go in for another ultrasound at the perinatology clinic, meet with a genetics counselor and the high risk OB.  I will be 12 weeks then.  I'm hoping it has resolved itself...or we can at least find out more information.

    Thinking of you both!


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  • Hi ladies - so September has been a BUMPY ride.

    We went in on September 3rd, after many many weeks of continued growth and development, and found a very low heartbeat and that the hydrops fluid had increased to an alarming amount.  On the afternoon of September 4th an ultrasound confirmed that her heart had stopped.

    After nearly 30 hours of labor we delivered a beautiful baby girl - whom we named Olivia Grace.  She was amazingly beautiful - she weighed in at 1 lb. 2 oz., and measured 9.5 inches long.  

    The past 16 days have been such a whirlwind - really the past 18 days since we found the low heartbeat.  She passed just before we hit the 24 week mark - we made it roughly 16 weeks longer than when we first found the fluid buildup on the ultrasound.  We spent several weeks weighing our options as far as continuing the pregnancy, or having a "medical termination", and we felt that she was a fighter - she made it to the 2nd trimester which they had told us she wouldn't.  We were just a couple weeks from the 3rd trimester mark - which we knew doctors did not believe we would reach that point. However, my husband and I agreed that as long as she was fighting we would continue to fight with her and for her.

    Would love to hear an update from you ladies!  I have been pretty slack recently on getting on TheBump - so if anyone needs to talk - please feel free to email me.  QCSouthernBelle @ aol.com. 

    Love to you all!!  

  • Prayers to you, I worked in the NICU for some time and experienced a handful of hydrops fetalis births. The amazing strength you mothers and families have is so, SO inspiring. Thank you for sharing.
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