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L&D Cost estimates under UHC

Hi ladies- I am a FTM and was just wondering a ball park of what expect to pay after everything is said and done.I know every plan is different. I currently have an 80/20 plan after i meet my deductible. I am planning to deliver at St. Joe over near state line. Has anyone recently delivered (normal vaginal delivery) that can give me an estimate. Again i know every one is different and i am not looking for exact number i am just wondering what the ball park is. I called UHC and they really didn't make it clear for me to understand. I think i am more confused now then before. TIA!

Re: L&D Cost estimates under UHC

  • I would call UHC and talk to them for sure.  I have UHC, but once I hit my deductible, everything was covered 100%.  I found their customer service to be very helpful when I was pregnant.  Good luck!
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