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Hi everyone! I'd like to join 3T.

I feel it's the right time for me to move on from TTGP to 3T.  It's been 12 months of TTC.  I use FF to track my BBT and OPK.  We've had some cycles with very good timing but obviously no luck.  I'm considering a consult with a doctor in the near future, maybe my ob/gyn or getting a referral to a RE.  I don't know why I'm waiting to make the appointment... maybe it's denial? or anxiety?  DH (37) and I (28) haven't really sat down to talk about getting professional help yet but I've mentioned it and he doesn't oppose.  We don't have any medical diagnosis (as of right now) that will lead to IF nor any family history of IF.  Besides charting, taking PNVs and living healthy, I'm not sure what else we can do prior to seeing a doctor.

On a side note...
I work as a RN on night shift.  DH and I are in the process of building a new home to accommodate our fur babies and hopefully a human baby soon.  Our lives revolve around our two dogs, two cats, and a reef tank.  You will find me watching netflix, playing the wii u, or hanging out at the dog park.

Nice to meet you all.  Sorry!  I don't have much to offer right now as I still have so much to learn about TTC.

Me: 29  DH: 37
Married: March 2013
TTC #1: since July 2013


Re: Hi everyone! I'd like to join 3T.

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    Welcome to 3T! Sorry you had to come over here...but we are pretty awesome.

    Y'all are the same ages as me and my DH. Older men are sexy ;) Good luck in starting this process. Hopefully your stay here is short!

    Me (29) DH (37)

    Married 7/11

    Actively TTC 3/12

    DX: PCOS

    Current treatment: Break from IUIs until after the holidays

    -----All Welcome----


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    Hi and welcome! I'm sorry you find yourself here, but I would definitely recommend skipping working with an OB and get a referral to a RE (check insurance requirements first!). REs specialize in fertility and helping you to get pregnant. Good luck in starting the process! I hope you are not here long!
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    Me: 26 DH: 27
    TTC #1 Since Aug. 2013
    Cycle 1: O CD 25=bfn
    Cycle 2: O CD 48=bfn
    Cycle 3: Anovulatory/Provera =120 days!
    Cycle 4: Anovulatory/Prometrium=127 days! RE consult 6/16
    Me: Anov/poss. pcos?  HSG=normal/SA= Normal 
    July/Aug. 2014= Femara+trigger+TI=BFP!!
    Beta #1@ 16dpo=626!! Beta #2=1510
    Ultrasound @ 5w6d=heartbeat at 110!
    Ultrasound @ 6w6d =heartbeat at 131!

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    I'm sorry you have to be here, but welcome to the board.

    I completely understand waiting to make an appointment. For me, it was maybe a bit of denial and definite fear.

    I'm going to echo what other ladies said about skipping the obgyn and going straight to an RE.


    TTC since July 2012 
    BFP 5/22/13. Lap. to remove ectopic and dx with endo. 6/16/13

    RE consult: June 2014

    DX: FVL, endo, hypothyroidism, blocked left tube

    Oct. 2014: First treatment cycle: Clomid+trigger+IUI=BFN

    November 2014: Clomid+trigger+IUI again=BFP!

    BFP 11/28/14 MC discovered 1/14/15

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    Married July 2 2011
    Not trying Not preventing since 2011
    Me: Ovulate on my own (but poorly) DH: Low count and poor motility
    Oct 2013 Uterine polyp removed
    Feb 2014 First round Ferama, trigger and IUI...BFN
    March 2014 Second round Ferama, trigger and iui
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    I also recommend skipping the OB and going to an RE. It took me almost 2 years before I went to see an RE because I wasn't ready. It's such an emotionally roller coaster once you start. I've also built a house before and I know how stressful that can be, so I imagine you have a lot on your plate right now. Welcome and good luck with everything.

    Fucking bump!!!!
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    Welcome, and hope you're not here long as well!  I am also new to TTTC.  I also recommend skipping the OB and going straight to an RE is your insurance allows.  That's what we did.  We're still early in the testing and waiting a diagnosis, but considering how long it's taking just to get that I'm glad we didn't waste time going through an OB first. 

    I understand perhaps being in a bit of denial, but for me personally as soon as I admitted something wasn't quite right I wanted to get answers ASAP.  Obvioulsy I'm pretty impatient, something I'll need to work on for this journey.

    Good luck!

    Me: 31 (PCOS) possible right tube issues DH: 36 (SA normal) 
    Started dating in 2006, Married 2012 
    TTC since November 2013 
    First RE visit due to irregular periods: June 2014
    Lap/Hysto to remove polyps, cyst and tube blockage 11/6
    Cycle 1 (Dec. 2014) TI with Clomid, Trigger, & Progesterone CX due to no response
    Impatiently Waiting CD1 to try again with Fermara Back on the bench due to giant cyst,
    who know I'd ovulate on my own after a cancelled cycle and end up with a mega cyst :(
    All Welcome
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    Welcome. I agree with PP about skipping an OBGYN and going straight to an RE (so long as your insurance doesn't require a referral). If a referral is required, definitely make an appointment with your OBGYN to get one. Good luck with everything!
    Even if your insurance requires a referral, you may not need an appointment. I just called my PCP, left a message with whoever answered the phone, and my doctor sent the referral over to the RE's office.


    TTC since July 2012 
    BFP 5/22/13. Lap. to remove ectopic and dx with endo. 6/16/13

    RE consult: June 2014

    DX: FVL, endo, hypothyroidism, blocked left tube

    Oct. 2014: First treatment cycle: Clomid+trigger+IUI=BFN

    November 2014: Clomid+trigger+IUI again=BFP!

    BFP 11/28/14 MC discovered 1/14/15

    Blogging to stay sane

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    Welcome to 3T!  I will echo everyone else's sentiments and recommend you go to an RE rather than your OB.  An RE will do all of the testing and monitoring required for undergoing fertility treatments.

    Good luck on this journey!
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    Sorry you're here, but welcome.

    I will echo others and suggest an RE. It is hard to suck it up and face the facts of IF, but having answers will make everything easier. And an RE is the best place to go for answers and a plan.

    Me: 28  MH:35

    Married September 2012. TTC since September 2013

    June 2014 - Dx w/ significant PCOS and referred to RE.

    July/August 2014 - Testing complete: Testosterone & AMH very high, FSH slightly high, Vitamin D low, tubes and lining all lovely. DH SA: A+

    Cycle 1 (Nov 2014): 2.5 mg Letrozole/Ovidrel/TI = BFN

    Cycle 2 (Dec 2014): 5 mg Letrozole/Ovidrel/TI - BFN

    Cycle 3 (Jan 2015): 5mg Letrozole/Ovidrel/TI - BFN

    WTF consult scheduled for 1/29

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    Welcome! To echo the rest of the ladies, definitely skip straight to an RE if that is an option. After unsuccessfully trying on our own we started seeing our OB and we were being treated by our OB for almost a year before I finally broke down and went to an RE. I got more information in 1 consult with our RE than I had in an entire year with our OB. I feel so much more in tune with my body than I have in a long while.

    Good luck and I hope your stay is short!

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    March 2008 - DD born - no issues conceiving (surprise). Limited issues during pregnancy/delivery.
    June 2011 - Married DH.
    June 2013 - Diagnosis of Endometriosis and PCOS (approximate).
    December 2013 - First cycle of Clomid - Positive OPK. BFN
    January 2014 - 2nd Cycle of Clomid - Positive OPK. BFN
    February 2014 - 3rd Cycle of Clomid - Positive OPK. BFN
    March 2014 - Took month off to prep for surgery
    April 2014 - Laporoscopy for endo. Unable to remove endo due to too close of proximity to ureter. HSG done as well. Fillopian tubes open.
    May 2014 - 1st round of Femara. Positive OPK. BFN.
    June 2014 - 2nd round of Femara. Moved to RE to have CD10 Follicular U/S. No Follies in left ovary. 5 follies in right. Largest follie 8mm, 1 7mm, 2 3mm, 1 2mm. Positive OPK on day of U/S. BFN. DH has SA done at this time - All results within normal limits.
    July 2014 - 3rd round of Femara. CD10 Follicular U/S. No follies in left ovary. 7 follies in right. 1 20mm, 1 12mm, 1 10mm, 4 <5mm. Scheduled for IUI. Canceled due to low estrogen level of 145. TI this month. Prepping for Injectables next month. BFN.
    August 2014 - CD3 BW Normal. Injectables not happening because of stupid miscommunication about "required injectables class." Taking class this month. No medication. TI for the month. SIS scheduled for 8/7/14. SIS results - "I have a beautiful uterus." Huzzah!
    September 2014 - Cycle cancelled due to stupid AF coming early and making my IUI run in to DH's business trip. Try again next month.
    October 2014 - Injects with IUI cycle. 75U 5 days. Estrogen at 36. Bumped up to 125 for 4 days. Estrogen 105. Bumped up to 225. Ganirelix for 2 days. 4 mature follies. Triggered 10/9. IUI 10/10.
    BFP 10/24/2014. Beta #1 - 178   Beta #2 - 398.   U/S 11/7/14- TWINS!!!!



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    Welcome! Sorry you find yourself in this situation.

    It would definitely make sense to work with an RE at this point for testing and treatment, if you feel ready. Good luck with whatever you choose.
    January 3T Siggy Challenge - New Year's Resolutions

    Me (29), DH (30) TTC actively 54 55+ cycles | All BFNs
    MFI (low everything) | Endo Stage 1 & Stenotic Cervix (treated) | PCO
    Married - July 2008 | Started TTC - Jan 2009RE Visit #1 - Mar 2014 
    IUI #1 ICI #1 - June | IUI #1.1 Laparoscopy - Aug
    IUIs #1.2, 2, 3 - Sept, Oct, Nov (Letrozole) - BFNs 
    IUI #4 - Dec (Bravelle) | IUI #5 - Dec/Jan (Bravelle) - 5 follies + TI - BFNs
    IUI #5.1 - Jan (Bravelle) Cancelled 
    Planning to start IVF in March!
    ***All Welcome***
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    Kam10Kam10 member

    Welcome! Everyone has given you great advice, but I just wanted to say hi and I hope your stay here is short!

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    Toby        image

    Me:28 DH:28
    TTC #1 since Nov '12
    DX: Non-IR PCOS & Hypothyroidism 
    BFP: 11/7/13 EDD: 7/18/14 Ectopic Tubal Surgery 12/18 
    2/5 HSG all clear!
    Femara 5mg + Trigger + IUI #1- 5 = BFN
    IVF #1 - 17R 15M 11F - Transferred 1 beautiful hatching blast on 9/26    4 Frosties
    Beta (10dp5dt) = 166  Beta #2 (12dp5dt) = 284  Beta #3 (14dp5dt) = 471  Beta #4 (18dp5dt) = 2032
    EDD: 6/14/15
    ~All are welcome~

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    Welcome!  I have no advice to add, but good luck with whatever you choose to do next.
    Me: 28 DH: 30 Married 3 years
    Stopped BC 7/13 Officially TTC 9/13
    First RE appt 3/28 Dx- non-IR PCOS
    No response from Clomid 50mg or Femara 5mg
    Clomid 100mg- BFP! Beta #1 15 DPO 169, Beta #2 17 DPO 340
    EDD: 4/15/15

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    Welcome!  When we made it our year mark, I was so ready to call an RE.  When I finally made the appointment I was so nervous and really sad to think that we'd gotten to that point.  I kind of panicked and wasn't sure I wanted to go, because I felt like I wasn't really ready for any kind of treatment yet.  We ended up keeping the appointment and I am so glad we went right away.  The testing took two full cycles, so we got to try on our own those last two cycles and by then end of them I was just so ready to have some answers and get a plan going.  Good luck as you move forward!

    Me (29): Hashimoto's, CD3/7DPO bloodwork & ultrasound normal, HSG & SHG(x2) all clear
    DH (29): SA Perfect
    TTC Since Jan '13, First RE Appt Jan '14
    DX: Unspecified Ovarian Dysfunction, Long Cycles
    May '13 BFP, C/P 4w3d
    Apr '14:  50mg clomid + ovidrel + B2B IUI #1=BFP,  Natural M/C 6.5wks
    Aug '14: 50mg clomid + ovidrel + B2B IUI #2=BFN
    Oct '14: 100mg clomid + ovidrel + IUI#3 =BFN
    Nov 14: 100mg clomid + ovidrel + B2B IUI#4=slow response, bad lining, cancelled
    FU with RE, more bloodwork: Anticardiolipin +
    Dec 14: 5mg Letrozole+baby aspirin +ovidrel + B2B IUI#4.1=BFFN
    Jan '15: 5mg Letrozole +baby aspirin + ovidrel +B2B IUI #5= BFP!! 
    Beta #1 210  Beta #2 546

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    Welcome.. a RE would definitely be better than an obgyn. Like previously said check with your insurance and see if you need a referral
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    I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you for the warm welcomes and support!  I will definitely talk to my husband about seeing an RE soon.  He always tells me he is getting old and don't want to wait any longer.  As for insurance, I believe with a referral by my PCP, I'll only have to pay a co-pay with every visit to a specialist.

    Me: 29  DH: 37
    Married: March 2013
    TTC #1: since July 2013


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    Me: 20 | DH: 22

    Married May 2013: TTC since May 2013

    Currently making lifestyle changes in an effort to lose 100 pounds. 

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    Welcome. I'm pretty new in 3T and so far I have felt welcome and happy to be able to share and see that I'm not alone in this journey. I'm 29 and DH is 38 so we are fairly close in age. It's never to late to start and the ladies here are very knowledgable and their advise is great.

    Me (29), DH (38)

    Oct 2009   - Married
    Aug 2011   - Started TTC
    Jan 2012   - OB Referred to RE
    Feb 2012   - RE Visit #1
    Apr 2012   - HSG (Normal), PCOS - DH SA (low count and low motility)  
    June 2012   - Provera, Clomid, TI - BFN
    July 2012   - IUI #1, Provera, Clomid 50mg, Trigger Injection - BFN
    Aug 12 - Feb 14 - Break
    Feb 2014   - New OB referred to new RE
    Mar 2014   - New RE visit #1
    Apr 2014    - TSH  level elevated, need to retest.
    May 2014   - TSH retested, higher than 1st test. Start on Synthroid. DH SA (Normal)
    June 2014   - Start on DHEA, CO-Q10, New brand of Prenatals
    July 2014   - Cycle came on its own, b/w on CD2, TSH (normal), Femara CD3-CD7, CD14 - u/s + Ovidrel + baby aspirin regimen. IUI #1 B2B on CD15/16 - BFN

    August 2014 - u/s on CD3 normal, Femara CD3-CD7, u/s CD12, Ovidrel on CD13. IUI #2 B2B on CD 14/CD15 - BFN.

    September  2014 - u/s on CD3 normal, Femara CD3-CD7, u/s scheduled for CD12

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    Welcome to the board!

    Missed M/C natural cycle 10/2013

    DX PCOS 3/2014

    2 cycles Clomid 50 mg + Ovidrel + TI

    1 cycle Clomid 50 mg + TI - no response stair-stepped to Clomid 75 mg + Ovidrel + TI

    1 cycle Clomid 50 mg + Ovidrel + IUI

    1 cycle Letrozole 7.5 mg + 150 mg Follistim + Ovidrel + TI

    1 cycle Letrozole 7.5 mg + 150 mg Folistim + Ovidrel + IUI

    1 cycle Letrozole 7.5 mg + 150 mg Follistim  - no response, repeated Letrozole 7.5 mg + 150 mg Follistim + Ovidrel + IUI = success! 12/2014

    Beta 1 - 15 dpiui, 324, Beta 2 - 17 dpiui 750. Twins!!

    My Blog:

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