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miscarried now what?

Hi girls! Yesterday I didnt feel right, actually didn't feel pregnant. Im 11 weeks. I started spotting lightly and just had a feeling something was wrong. Dr confirmed that the baby stopped developing at about 8 weeks. I'm heartbroken. This is my 5th pregnancy and 2nd miscarriage. I have three healthy children aND my first miscarriage happened very early on. Dr said he wasn't sure I would pass it on my own since its been almost 3 weeks and now I have to wait til Monday for a D and C. I'm a mess. I'm trying to stay positive and cope with this it's so hard. Please any advice and what if I start more than spotting....

Re: miscarried now what?

  • I'm so sorry for your loss. I wish there was something I could say but I don't have any experience with a situation like yours.

    This board is geared toward late pregnancy and infant loss so you may not find a lot of women here who have been in your situation and can offer advice. You might find the miscarriage board more helpful.

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  • Ok thank you.
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