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This is rather bizarre, but I wanted some advice on how to deal

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I'm pregnant with my first kid. I wont find out until Monday what the sex is. I have had an overwhelming feeling since I found out I was pregnant that I am carrying a boy. Well, my husbands kid sisters are in town visiting. They have been a complaining mess since their arrival, but that was expected as they complain about everything. Yesterday, we were in a store looking at baby clothes. The youngest of his sisters was looking through baby clothes. She told me, "You better have a girl!" In a very snotty voice. I just said, "I don't want any hurt feelings if I am having a boy." She then told me that she will make me adopt a girl, and if we don't, she will dress my son as a girl and call him "Rochelle." That was the creepy part. Especially since I know she'd try it. I told my husband and his facial expression looked pretty concerned, but he wont say anything. I wont allow it to happen, neither will my husband. They live in another state so its highly unlikely it will ever happen, but I'm a little irritated she would even say something like that. I brushed it off only to make her mad and make her cry a few minutes later. I admit that I was a little hot after that stupid conversation we had and that might have contributed. Really, I just don't know how to deal with this right now. Should I tell my in laws what she said? I know it will upset them. She doesn't leave until Sunday so if she says it again, how do I handle it? Thank you. Sorry if it sounds like I'm mad over nothing.

Re: This is rather bizarre, but I wanted some advice on how to deal

  • I think it is okay if you are upset.  It wasn't very nice.  But I don't think you should let it get to you.  Once the baby comes they will love it no matter the gender.  And since they don't live near you it really shouldn't be a problem.  If something happens once the baby has arrived then you can address it.

    I had a babygirl and both of my brother in laws continually told me.  You better not have a girl.  I know its not a girl.  They were dead set on not wanting a girl.  WELL they love her to death.  They also don't live in the same state and they can't get enough. It bothered me a lot when I was pregnant, I felt like they weren't going to love the baby if it was a girl.  But they do :)
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  • Thank you. I'm having a girl and she was excited about it, but will continue to call her Rochelle even though that wont be her name (she hates the name I picked). I'm not even really concerned about that because my little girl probably just wont answer if she's called by another name lol
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  • I think the key word was kid. They're just kids... They say dumb things. I wouldn't even waste time thinking about it.
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