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Anyone else seeing some new bad behaviors?

DS has always been pretty well behaved, considering he's a toddler, but lately he's been hitting ALOT. I'd say it started right after his birthday, he hasn't been around anyone to have picked it up so I don't know where he got it from.

The minute he's reprimanded or told no to something he hits the first person in his sight (usually me or DH). At first I ignored him but that didn't work at all, he'd usually get like 5-10 more slugs in. Usually I just tell him no, that we don't hit, and that we only give hugs followed by a time out until he's ready to give a hug and say sorry.

 He has his good days and bad days but today at the store was the worst, he acted like the biggest brat and I eventually had to hold his arms down by his sides in the cart. I was so embarrassed.

 Anyone else experiencing this? Is it just a phase? All advice is welcome.

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Re: Anyone else seeing some new bad behaviors?

  • It is a natural part of toddler behavior. DD tried the "smacking things when I am mad", but I correct her and say that hands are for nice things. I try not to emphasize the behavior too much.
    If necessary, you can hold his hands and say, we don't hit. I usually pet her hand or arm and say "hands are for nice things". She doesn't do it very often.
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  • Jack has been hitting a lot lately. He wallops me, DH, the dog, etc. when we tell him that we don't hit, he will hit himself, usually smacks himself on the head. Sometimes he will keep trying to hit us. It's frustrating as hell because he doesn't seem to listen at all.
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  • DS does the hitting thing too I thought it may have been because he was stressed out when we brought his little brother home.
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