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Anyone else seeing some new bad behaviors?

DS has always been pretty well behaved, considering he's a toddler, but lately he's been hitting ALOT. I'd say it started right after his birthday, he hasn't been around anyone to have picked it up so I don't know where he got it from.

The minute he's reprimanded or told no to something he hits the first person in his sight (usually me or DH). At first I ignored him but that didn't work at all, he'd usually get like 5-10 more slugs in. Usually I just tell him no, that we don't hit, and that we only give hugs followed by a time out until he's ready to give a hug and say sorry.

 He has his good days and bad days but today at the store was the worst, he acted like the biggest brat and I eventually had to hold his arms down by his sides in the cart. I was so embarrassed.

 Anyone else experiencing this? Is it just a phase? All advice is welcome.

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