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Transition baby to her own room?

Hey guys! So since the first night, lo has been sleeping in our room (first in her Moses and now in her playpen bassinet next to our bed). She is now 3 months old and I'm starting to think about starting the transition from our room to hers for night time...she already takes every daytime nap in her own room in her crib and this since about 2 months old and she sleeps pretty well in there...her nights are good too, she sleeps from 7pm until around 3 then gets up for a feed and then back to sleep from about 3:45 until 6:30ish... I'm just worried I might not hear her well enough if she's in her room and we're in ours. I guess we'll use the monitor but then I feel like I'll be up with every peep she makes and she makes noise in her sleep. Any suggestions on a smooth transition and on when to do so? Thanks!

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  • I don't think there is anything you can really do have it transition smoothly. If she's already day napping in there that is a good sign though. The first few nights will probably be harder on you than it will be on her. Maybe leave the monitor on the other side (Hs side) of the bed. That way you're not tempted to just sit there and stare at her all night?

    Good luck :)
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    I had this elaborate week long plan to transition LO to his own room.... And then DH just put him down in his crib one night, and he did totally fine! It did take me a few days to stop staring at the monitor, but now we all sleep so much better.

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  • Ive done it with both of mine around 7-8 weeks with absolutely no problems either time.  My kids must be pretty oblivious because neither seemed to notice the difference and slept just fine.  :)   Just do it!
  • Like others have said, just do it. I found that both my kids slept better when they were in their own rooms. We weren't waking each other up all the time. Plus, the little noises over the monitor (at least for us) aren't enough to wake us. 
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  • Thanks for the encouragement! I will try tomorrow night and see how it goes!
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