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My daughter is 8 weeks actual, 1 week adjusted. She was born at 31 weeks 6 days.
I'm just wondering .. Looking for experiences from other 31 / 32 weeker moms ... When did your baby start making eye contact on purpose and socially smile?
My daughter catches my eye for a quick a moment, but nothing on purpose I don't think.
I'm not all that worried since she's only one week adjusted - but she picks her head up really well and seems to look all around except at me.

Re: Smiling / Eye Contact

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    My DD was born at 31 weeks 3 days and I don't think she started to socially smile until 3 months actual, probably the equivalent of 6 weeks adjusted, when you would expect a termie to start to socially smile. I think she made eye contact pretty early though. I would lay her on my legs and bend my knees up and talk to her and stick my tongue out at her. Her newborn period seemed to last a really long time, but since I've never had a baby before I didn't have much to compare it to so I wasn't too worried. I have to say though that by 8 or 9 months she was pretty close to hitting milestones "on time." She started crawling and sitting up unassisted at 8 months actual and said her first word at 11 months actual. She just started walking a few weeks ago at 13.5 months actual, which is within the usual range. I just go with the flow, cause all babies do things at their own pace. Enjoy your little girl!

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  • My twins were born at 30 weeks, 1 day. They are 14.5 weeks old actual (4.5 weeks adjusted) and still have yet to social smile. Both have been making eye contacts since about week 10 though!

    Waiting for that smile is hard, but I know it'll be amazing to finally see it :)
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  • StodreStodre member
    Thank You!!! Getting used to her timeline ... A preemie timeline ... Is going to be tough for me. Espicially since this is my 3rd child, but only preemie!
  • My 32 weeker didn't smile until about 6-7 weeks adjusted. He could hold my gaze a little sooner than that from what I remember. He was at the very end of all of his milestones for actual age. He didn't sit up until 8 months, crawled at 10 months, and walked at 16 months actual. For adjusted age, he was pretty close to on target. It's hard not to compare, but she'll do things when she's ready. Don't worry!

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  • My 28 weeker is just now 6 weeks adjusted 4 months actual and he has been smiling and making eye contact for a few days now.

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  • mmookimmooki member
    Dd was born at. 33w3d and started to smile around 3.5 months actual/2 months adjusted. She was sitting around 7 months actual, crawled between 9-10months actual and walked at 14 months actual.
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  • Wally3Wally3 member
    I found that smiling was the slowest milestone,  Since it is the first one and they aren't really doing much else it seems to tale forever.  However, remember adjusted age especially at the beginning.  I found the first milestones were the close to adjusted then as ds got older he started reaching milestones closer to actual age.


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  • DS was 31+1 weeks - he is 9 weeks actual and was due on 20th July so is 3 days adjusted. He has smiled at me once, although given the amount of crying he's been doing lately, I'm beginning to think it was an accident. If being grumpy was a milestone, he'd have reached it ages ago!  :((

    Seriously though, he does hold my gaze for a short time and that's getting longer. He does hold his head up although it is still wobbly. Small steps but he's getting there.
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  • my little guy was born at 31 weeks 3 days.   He's now 14 weeks actual, 6 weeks adjusted,  and has yet to give me a real smile.  He's able to hold steady eye contact,  and lifts his head like a champ... just no smile yet.  I tease him that he's "such a serious guy" since he seems to study my face alot with a serious expression.  lol.   I am proud of the things he can do,  and know I just have to be patient waiting for that smile!
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