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When to have a sip and see

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A group of friends on DH's side have offered to host a meet the baby party in his hometown.They approached MIL a few days ago about doing a shower, it is our first child and we will be 33 weeks tomorrow. MIL explained that I can't travel past 34 weeks (his hometown is 6 hours away), so they suggested something after baby arrives.

I am on board for this my only concern is timing. DH is in the military and deploys a few months at a time. He will be deploying again right before baby is 2 months old and he will be gone for two months. Would it be wrong to wait until DH returns and baby is 4 months old? My concern with doing it before baby is 2 months is that the baby won't be vaccinated and people will want to hold her (which is kind of the point of a sip and see). What do you think?

I am thankful so many people want to share in welcoming baby and I am gracious for the friends for offering to host.

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  • Both your DH being deployed and your concerns over vaccines are perfectly valid reasons to delay. If you choose to have it sooner though, I suggest you wear the baby in a sling or chest carrier to reduce the number of dirty hands touching him/her.
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  • Thank you all for your advice! I am reassured to know that it would be okay to limit holding at a sip and see. When I first mentioned limiting holding to DH, he said well isn't that the point people want to meet and hold the baby. He wanted to know who I would limit and who I would allow, so I said let's just think about it for a little while. I plan on baby wearing so hopefully that could work.
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  • I agree with all the pp. It doesn't matter how long you wait - people always love an excuse to be around the new baby! :)




  • I would have it before he deploys or after. Just wait until your baby is at least a month old. I had my sip and see at 1.5 months old since DS came early after being on bedrest so my shower was cancelled. My cousin handed out mini sanitizers to everyone at my party when people arrived. 

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  • I personally would wait until he comes back for the reasons you mentioned. Definitely do whatever you feel comfortable with and don't let people pressure you to do things you feel you and baby are not ready for.
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    I'd wait.  A 4 month old baby is much more interesting than a 1 or 2 month old! 
  • DELAY, DELAY, DELAY. Honestly, there is no need to "see" a newborn baby, they all look alike.  The food goes in to the fuzzy round end at the top and comes out the round end at the bottom.  End of story.  Very well meaning people have no idea what germs they are carrying, and sani-gel is not a bubble.  My "well-meaning" mother packed my house for my son's bris (Jewish circumcision ceremony) and he ended up in ICU at two weeks with fevers and a virus.  Once somebody sneezes and the germs are in the air, the air conditioner takes over.  I know I sound paranoid, but no new mother should hand their baby over to a neonatologist for a spinal tap. JMO.
  • After all of the advice I would like to wait, however MIL seemed upset when I mentioned it to her. She happened to be in town last night and stayed with us, well this morning and brings it up. When I mentioned my concern she said "Well I'll just tell them to have the party in Sept (I am due Sept 4) and we will just have pictures of the baby." I took this as, "well if you don't want the baby passed around we will just have a party without you." It could be my crazy hormones or I could have understood correctly. For now I am just not going to bring it up and let my DH deal with this topic with his mom. He knows how I feel and supports the reasoning plus he doesn't think there will be a good time for us to visit his hometown before he deploys.

    Thanks for all of the advice and validating my concerns!
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