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Help!!! Seriously

Just found out my former OB/GYN is being indicted for sexual abuse charges. Now I remember telling my mom 2 years ago while pregnant with my daughter that his exams were invasive. Neverless I'm pregnant again and now i'm having second thoughts to choose a male GYN. I have my first exam scheduled on 7/28 with a male doctor and I want to be affliated with Morristown Hospital. Should I look for a female doctor? Can you recommend your doctor (male or female)? Trying not to freak out.

Re: Help!!! Seriously

  • Umm wow, that is horrible.  
    what area are you looking for a doctor?  I have  great one, but they are not affiliated with Morristown, they are affiliated with Somerset and St. Barnabas in Livingston.  They are in Warren (Roseland OBGyn and there are 2 male docs and a female Midwife.  All wonderful.  I switched there about 2 years ago and have been very happy.  They like you to see everyone during pregnancy, but you mostly see the midwife anyway.  My main dr. was one of the male docs but I saw her at least 50% of the time.

    Hope this helps!
  • Sorry that you are having those feelings and had issues with your previous doctor. That is terrible in itself. That being said, just because you had that experience with one doctor doesn't mean all male obgyns are like that. I had a wonderful male doctor throughout my past pregnancy and was unfortunately delivered by one of the female doctors whom I wasn't fond of. But it's all about your comfort, and if you feel more comfortable with a female, then go that route. Good luck in your search!
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  • Thanks ladies. I was in the moment and had just found out. Because I had suspicions about him previous to finding out I panicked. You're absolutely right and I'm sure that the logical side of me will figure it out. I appreciate the support and words of encouragement.
  • Sorry to hear about this. I had a male doctor since I was young and never had a problem. There was always a female nurse in the room while he was doing his exam. I don't know what your new practice is like but I believe you can request to have a nurse present if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Sorry to hear about your experience.  If you're looking for a new OBGYN, Dr. Parchment in Maplewood is wonderful!  It's a 3-woman practice and they are affiliated with Mountainside Hospital in Montclair and Overlook Hospital in Summit. I know you're looking for Morristown specifically, but just thought I'd share. :)
  • Thank you for the referral Caitlin. I will call them after I have this baby as I'll need a permanent Dr. I do want to use Morristown hospital because I had a really bad experience at my previous hospital (the front desk person was watching the NBA finals and left me in the hallway having contractions while he watched, they never came around to create my daughter's birth certificate, I had to share a room and my roommate had more company then Starbucks. I really want the pamper experience of Morristown after that. I will call so thank you for the referral.
  • vspekvspek member
    In which hospital did you have such a horrible experience? Was it in NJ? 
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  • Two groups that work together and both go to Morristown are Dr. Bissinger in Parsippany he is male, but has a female partner, Dr. Tambi, and Dr. Iammatteo (male) in Madison.  Iammatteo is getting a new female partner- she may have already started. 

    I've been going to Bissinger forever and I love him.  
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  • I second the recommendation for Dr.Bissinger (male) and Dr. Metz (female) and the newer Dr. Tambi as well. Dr. B delivered my daughter but I had a very high risk pregnancy (admitted into CCU with a pulmonary embolism during first trimester) and all the doctors in the practice took well care of me.  Dr. Bissinger delivers only at Morristown.

    Unfortunately I moved down to Monmouth county after baby turned 3 months and now I have to find new OB down here affiliated with CentraState hospital.
  • My first delivery was at Columbia Presbyterian. While their neonatal dept is unmatched their patient management could use a ton of work.
  • Fanta620, welcome to monmouth, While you are looking for an ob, please do not go to Healthy Woman with Dr. Cipriano.  I was with them and they made major mistakes with my pregnancy and after care.  I later found out through some lawyers they are in extensive litigation due to many mistakes they have made.  As I researched further, they have one of the highest c-section rates in the area and the centrastate nurses on the m&D floor have a ton of negative reviews of the group.  I moved to a group out of East Brunswick as a result.  There are better practices out there.  Just thought I would pass this along, as I was mislead to use them.  I took the referral because it came from someone I trusted, but did not research myself until after and the negative reviews and issues I have found were scary.  Dr. Cipriano has too many patients and they make many mistakes and she is distracted by her POP weightloss program.  I am in the health and wellness industry and she spent time trying to sell me the program rather than focusing on my high risk pregnancy.  Please do not go there for your own safety and that of your child.  
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