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*** Wednesday: First World Baby Problems ***

First World Wednesday!  Post your baby's first world problems here.

"I know you let me play with the Kindle, but I want the iPad!!!!  WHAAAAAAAAA!"

*** aka: andreahshields ***

*** July Siggy Challenge - Cake Wrecks ***


BFP#1 3/8/12; diagnosed w/ Anencephaly at 12w6d; D&C 5/9/12
BFP#2 7/18/12; A/S 10/26/12 It's a Girl! EDD 3/29/13
Phoebe Jordan Born 3/20/13

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Re: *** Wednesday: First World Baby Problems ***

  • "I love my kitty and want to pull her tail and bang on her belly! Why won't she let me show her how much I love her?!?!" Says the 11mth old who spends hours a day as the cat's shadow!

    BFP #1 4/10/12 D&C 6/5/12@ 12.5wks EDD 12/17/12
    BFP #2 9/10/12 CP 9/19/12@ 5.5wks EDD 5/21/13
    BFP# 3 12/3/12...Lukas James born 8/15/13
    BFP# 4 8/4/14 EDD 4/13/15

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  • I get bored in my car seat so I'm going to scream and cry for an entire 45 minute drive. Once we get there and you pick me up I will act like nothing happened. What?
    **Warning: Losses and living child mentioned**
    BFP#1 1/31/12, EDD 10/6/12 Harrison Gray born sleeping @ 18w6d. You changed our lives little guy.
    BFP#2 EDD 10/29/13, C/P 2/25/13, Bye little Ish, we barely got to know you.
    BFP#3 EDD 12/21/13, Baby Boots born 11/23/13 My rainbow baby!

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  • "I'm really tired, but instead of closing my eyes, I'm going to cry.  But I'm too tired to cry, so I start to fuss and whimper, but I'm too tired to keep that up.  I like it when mommy sings to me, and it helps me fall asleep but I can't give up so easily, so I still have to make some kind of noise in protest until I just can't do it anymore."
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     My Pregnancy/Parenting BLOG TTC since 5/2011, BFP #1 12/3/11, M/C 12/7/11 @ 4wks 2d. Began seeing RE Sep 2012. October 2012 Metformin 1500 mg= ovulation on CD34 BFP#2 11/14/12 9DPO, EDD 7/26/13, DX Gestational Diabetes @14 wks, our angel born sleeping 3/24/13 @ 22wks 2d. BFP #3 7/4/13 8DPO EDD 3/22/14, DX Gestational Diabetes @14 wks. started insulin @16 wks.  Our rainbow, born 3/19/14 @ 39wks 6d., we're so in love!


    MrsWallick[Deleted User]ProfessorPedals825
  • I'm hungry and even though there's a boob in my mouth, I'm still going to cry instead! Then I'm going to take it out of my mouth and grab it with my hand and pull it to try to get the milk out! O that doesn't work. I'm going to cry more! O wait, it's in my mouth again. Ok I guess I'll eat now.

    Silly girl who is now milk drunk and sleeping on my chest :-P

    BFP #1: 3/23/13, EDD: 11/22/13, MC: 4/2/13
    Convinced it was a boy and missing him every day!
    BFP #2: 10/25/13, EDD: 7/3/14, Grow baby Grow! Anabelle Rose born 6/6/14 

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