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Sometimes I cry

Holy shit. No one has ever put into words how I feel as a mom, until now...

Sometimes I cry because this love is too big and my heart is too small, and a bursting heart feels—strangely, painfully—an awful lot like a breaking one.

I love this

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Re: Sometimes I cry

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    tondraluvtondraluv member
    edited July 2014
    This is so perfect! Yesterday I dropped Brayden off at daycare (his second week) and he always cries when I leave. I had to run to the car to get extra diapers and they told me I could just leave them by the door so he doesn't see me again. Well when I brought the diapers up to the door, I heard him laughing so hard. I immediately started crying because it was such a beautiful sound and confirmation that I could worry about him a little less. Just a little


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    I love this!

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