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no actual tears... advice/thoughts?

My baby just turned 9 months on the 9th... and i recently realized i've never seen her cry any actual tears.  she's a pretty no-fuss baby, and won't cry for very long anyway.  But we had some of my husband's relatives meet her for the first time a few weeks ago, and when she was placed in their arms she would cry, and they would all say 'oh fake crying, no tears'.  For the most part, it was because she was with unfamiliar faces, but sometimes i could tell she wasn't happy, and it wasn't 'fake'.  I brought this up with my ped when I brought her in a few days ago for her check-up and the dr said she looks fine, but referred me to a ped. optometrist for a 2nd opinion.  Her eyesight is fine and she doesn't have any eye problems, but I'm scheduling an appt soon... was just wondering if this has happened with anyone else?  Are some babies just late criers? 

Re: no actual tears... advice/thoughts?

  • She may just have no been upset enough to cry. It oculd be that you respond to her fast enough that she is more in the whinning stage of it than the actual crying.
  • Not even when she got her shots?
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  • Nope, I don't think even with any shots (she didn't get any at her 9 month visit).  When I brought it up to my husband all he remembered was when we brought her to Chuck E Cheese at 2 months old for her cousin's bday.  It was super loud and overwhelming for her and she cried the whole time, but i myself don't specifically remember tears then, but he does.  I've done some research online - which is a good and bad thing!  says that some baby's are just late at developing tear ducts, and others need corrective surgery because of blocked ducts.  Was just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience. 
  • My LO had blocked tear ducts in both eyes when he was born. He still got tears when he cried they just didn't drain correctly. It seemed like they would just pool up instead of streaming down his face. 

    Hopefully the eye doctor will be able to give you some more information. 

  • I am an optometrist actually. As long as you had her eyes checked and they were healthy with an age appropriate amount of farsightedness, she is fine.
  • My twin girls didn't actually start to cry tears until they were 6-7 months old. They are 11 months now and really only have tears if they really hurt themselves or get scared (a new thing this past month).
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