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MMA Moms?

I'm pretty new the whole posting thing. But I hadn't seen any post like this. My husband and I are both very active in martial arts. He's an MMA Fighter. We do multiple different arts. Anyone else raise their kids around MMA? Or martial arts? We have friends with kids and we're excited to have our gym family grow, our entire gym is a big family.

Other moms or mom to be out there who would like to talk, exchange words of wisdom? Attend an event? I'd like to have more friends who we have something in common.

Re: MMA Moms?

  • Hi!  So I am a new mom-to-be on this site (just joined 2 weeks ago actually!).  I did a search for MMA Mom and your post came up!  My husband and I are also involved in martial arts.  I've only been doing it for 2 1/2 years now, my husband for almost 4 now.  We both attend an MMA gym in NJ and I will admit I already miss wearing my Gi and being kicked and punched!  I can still punch and kick the bag though so not all is lost!  Our gym is a family-oriented gym as well and my husband and I are very excited to raise our baby around such a great school and to be able to raise our child around an amazing art! 

    I hope to hear back from you as it's great to hear other MMA moms (or moms-to-be) are out there to talk to!
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