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Postpartum check up: Diastasis recti

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I don't want to alarm anyone but I wanted to share something I didn't know until I was 11 months postpartum with my 2nd child. I wish my dr told me that I had diastasis recti where the two abdominal walls separated. It's common so I don't want to alarm anyone. Just please make sure u don't do any exercises like crunches to mess it up and the sooner u find out and get the ok from ur dr, the faster you'll heal. From what I hear anyway. Just wanted to help anyone out there who aren't aware of this but pls don't be alarmed. Just wish I knew about it sooner.

Re: Postpartum check up: Diastasis recti

  • Had this when I was pregnant. Went back down shortly thereafter, but you could definitely see it when I did certain exercises - which is what probably caused it in the future. I was majorly worries about it, but all healed up as much as I can tell.

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  • How did you finally figure out you had it? Did you have them check at your appt? @anna.ce
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    I have it. You can feel and see at least a 1/2 to 1" gap. My stomach looks constantly bloated. I wasn't aware anything could be done about it.

    If there's a way to fix this, let me know. I have horrible abdominal strength and something as simple as standing up straight after being bent over severely hurts those muscles.

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  • I am 30 weeks pregnant after having my first 18 months ago. The physical therapist said I had a 2 inch gap, which was as far as it could get without being dangerous.  She said it needed to go back after the birth.  I had never heard of this and never been checked by my OB.  So now I am worried...not sure if the OBs will be able to tell if I have a problem at the 6 week after birth appt and if I do, what they can do.
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  • I have it also. I wasn't aware there was a non-surgical fix. I've googled and found what looks like gimmicks - buy this $100 program and we'll send you the exercises. I also found some crap about feeling the connection to my abdominal muscles. Idk. I stopped training abs for a while, but I don't think I'll see any improvement on my own. I'm now doing some basic exercises (no crunches or planks) to try to build strength back up. A lot of other exercises I do require core strength (lat pull down, pull ups, free weights), so hopefully that will help too.
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