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Am i being a Crazy Person or can i be experiencing SIGNS!!!!

Yesterday I experienced pressure in my lower abdomen and just thought oh its because i'm constipated (tmi i know) then today same thing but i went potty and had pinkish discharge and i put a tampon thinking i am going to start n all i changed it like i normally do during the day and it was so uncomfortable mind you because it was just dry and spotted. A little history on myself I have been TTC for about 11 months and i should have ovulated 7/6 my AF should be coming 7/18 i tested and got a BFN on 7/11 and now im like freaking to find out if its just early AF or if i am one of the rare ones who got implantation bleeding! Fingers Crossed!!!!!! It would be absolutely amazing i will stopping by the store tonight for some tests but will hold off till i skip my AF day!


What do you think ladies am i Crazy or does it sound promising?!

Re: Am i being a Crazy Person or can i be experiencing SIGNS!!!!

  • OH other symptoms - Headache fatigue mild (very mild) cramping (honestly almost like AF symptoms but usually cramps for me are extreme i used to be on birth control when i was younger like 11 to control my cramps so you can just imagine how bad)


    OH btw i am new to this site and on here day n night! lol :)

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