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m/c follow-up appointment

So, today I had my doctors appointment with my normal OB following the miscarriages. All went well and I got most of the answers I expected. He offered to do all the recurrent m/c loss tests if I wanted them but he said most often times insurance will not cover them until 3 losses and a lot of people don't even get any answers even with the full work up done. I declined almost all the tests but just wanted to get my progesterone levels checked out. I have a feeling my hormone levels weren't what they should have been at last pregnancy (weird and gross but I've gotten tiny little cold sores on my lips about a week before my BFP with Will and my other pregnancy, induced by hormones and didn't get them last time)... Whether that was the cause of the m/c or simply because the baby wasn't viable, I'll never know. Anyway, progesterone levels came back great! I actually had a feeling they would because my temps post O have been crazy high this week. So yay for that.

Because I already have Will, he seems to think that, A) my uterus wanted to take longer than most and was not ready to support a baby yet or B) I just bad luck twice in a row (he seems to think this was much more likely). Fortunately, my risk of miscarriage only has gone up 5% with having 2 in a row. Not awesome, but better than I thought. 

I've also been taking a baby aspirin and vitamin d. Not only have I read research about both of these helping with miscarriage prevention, but my dad's pancreatic cancer doc recommended my sisters and I take both for prevention purposes (it runs very heavily in my family). My OB said none of these would hurt and I can go ahead and keep taking them. :)


Finally, he said next time around he'll do more early "surveillance" on me. So u/s at around 6.5 weeks, another around 13 and a final one at 20 (of course that's if everything looks good). This was a huge relief to me. I honestly don't know how to be excited next time around and not just fearful. I think the extra u/s will help ease my mind, if only a little bit.

Soooo... I guess I'm back in the game..... Again. Wish me luck!
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Re: m/c follow-up appointment

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    Good luck my friend and i'm so happy that you're staying positive. Your OB sounds pretty awesome too for doing the early surveillance next time around.


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    ^^ what knit said! Glad you had a positive appt!
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    I had 2 miscarriages back to back before I had Claire, and had the recurrent loss testing. The results were all normal, and my doctor chalked it up to horrible luck. Best wishes moving forward!
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    Glad your appointment went well and you have the go ahead to move forward.  Hoping that the next time it sticks and I would echo what knitfaced says.  See if you can get your hcg & progesterone levels checked immediately.  Multiple times every other day so they can make sure that it looks good and is increasing appropriately.  Good luck girl.
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