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RLP or something more from running?

Hi ladies! 

I'll be 30 weeks on Wednesday and still running somewhat consistently anywhere from 2-4 miles multiple times a week with my belly band (Lord it's amazing!). I also just started some light prenatal yoga as well. I've been getting "sore" in the pelvic/lower abdomen area after runs since about week 19 (ran a mini marathon at 20 weeks), but an evening of rest and lots of fluid typically seems to do the trick. However, I did 3 miles Saturday morning and still feel this "soreness" today. It hurts pretty much non-stop except for when I'm laying down on my side (almost fetal position). It hurts to get up (out of bed or a chair), it hurts to walk (I feel myself almost waddling today) and I know I couldn't run this evening if my life depended on it. 

Everything I've read about RLP seems somewhat consistent with my symptoms and at almost 30 weeks I know I'll be growing a lot. I'm just wondering if that's all it is or if it's my 5'0 110 lb pre-pregnancy body telling me I can't run anymore... Anyone else have any experience with this? Any relief suggestions?
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Re: RLP or something more from running?

  • lmdonnel I've had some pain since about 14 or 15 weeks, and pretty much had to stop running all together.  I'm still active and still do some great workouts, but just not running.  I bought a support band, which I could tell helped a little, but it didn't help enough to stop the pain.  Good luck!
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