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Lowering crib mattress

I don't think this has been discussed yet.

Have you lowered the mattress in your LO's crib yet? If not when do you plan on doing so?

DD is starting to be able to sit unassisted and will likely be crawling shortly. I'm pretty sure pulling herself up will soon follow. It got me thinking at what point should we lower the mattress level in her crib.

Re: Lowering crib mattress

  • We aren't to that point yet but I would think as soon as they can pull themselves in to a sitting position I would lower it.  If they can pull themselves in to a sitting position you can never guess when they will get to standing.  H could easily fall right out of the crib if he ever figures out standing.
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    Us too...
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  • We went ahead and lowered it. He is starting to roll around and play in there when he wakes up. I didn't want to discover that he can pull himself up by finding him trying to stand up one day! We did it right at 6 months.

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  • We lowered ours already. DD isn't even close to needing it lowered but we were doing stuff in her room anyway.
  • We will be lowering it on Wednesday (DH's next day off). He can sit, crawl and loves to pull himself up with assistance from us so I'm sure it won't be too much longer until he figured out how to do it by himself.
  • Ours has a few levels. We lowered it part way down the crib last week, after we saw her sitting up in her RNP. She's not sitting up unassisted, but used the sides to pull herself up. I imagine, we will lower it the rest of the way in a few weeks/a month or so. 
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  • km_mdkm_md member
    DD will roll and move around in there but is not sitting unassisted or pulling herself up at all so I assume it will be a while for us.

  • DS is on his hands and knees rocking. Daycare said they lowered his crib. Mother of the year here said, "Oh, I should probably do that." And then I didn't do it.

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  • The top level of our crib is pretty low. It doesn't have one of those higher top levels, it's basically low and lower.
  • ccip82ccip82 member
    Um, I never raised the crib from when DD was in it. Too much of a PITA. I knew at some point I would be lowering it again anyway...



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    I just lowered it this morning. She rolls around and now scoots quite a bit in the crib. I went in this morning and it looked like she was about to roll out from the crib. Probably not but it scared me enough to just go ahead and lower it.
  • ccip82 said:

    Um, I never raised the crib from when DD was in it. Too much of a PITA. I knew at some point I would be lowering it again anyway...

    C isn't in the crib yet, his sister 'a still in it...but when she was a newborn I set it up on the lowest level from the start so I didn't have to do it again later. Although she didn't go in there until about 4-5 months anyway, but I never had to adjust it!

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  • DD can sit unassisted but can't pull herself up yet, and her crib's top mattress setting isn't that high. Once she starts pulling herself up to sitting I'll probably lower it. 
  • We will probably lower it by the end of the month. She rocks on her knees now and won't be long before she can move and pull herself up.
  • we lowered ours a few weeks ago. Both babies can sit unassisted, One crawls, one army crawls, and the one that crawls also pulls up to stand. So we just went ahead and lowered them all the way down.


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